January 2023 Rundown

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Watched the Big Ball drop in NYC, so I celebrated it with a NY-style slice (from Joe’s Pizza on Broadway, Santa Monica)… #WakaWakaWaka


That cheese slice… :pinched_fingers:


That’s a good looking pie. Happy New Years.

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Half pep and half cheese is a pro move!

I guess being on the east coast for a few years has made me kinda snobby. Good pizza should be good pizza with just cheese and at most pep imho


So, that would’ve happened at 9:00pm PST, which is still Dec here. So shouldn’t this be posted in the December 2022 Rundown? :wink:

Seriously though, damn that looks good!! Haven’t been in a while.

Happy New Year!!

#RundownPolice #KeepinItHonest

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Schellz pizza, might have a new top of my listish square pizza restaurant. They have a new brick and mortar in fox hills area.

Apparently the dough takes 4 days to make and is based on a shokupan dough. You can smell the bready yeasty aroma immediately, my car smelled like fresh baked bread when I put the boxes in my car.

Had my standard sausage pineapple and got their mushroom. One complaint with mushroom is that the carmelized onions are too sweet with nothing counterbalancing. Otherwise it’s immaculate airy square slices. Lightest square dough I’ve had.

Vs quarter sheets.

I would say

Dough = schellz
Customization = schellz (you can’t choose your pie toppings or sizes at quartersheets)
Topping flavor profile= quarter sheets
Pricing/affordability+weird add on charges = schellz
Dessert = quartersheets

So they are neck and neck in my book. Check ‘em out!


New Year festivities continue: Chicken pozole, courtesy of El Pollo Loco, paired very nicely with decanted Pastourelle de Clerc Milon Pauillac 2015… #ElPauillacLoco


How’s the caramelization / crunch?

How does the price compare with Quarter Sheets? From the online menu it looks like half the price but it’s hard to judge whether the sizes are the same.

“Square” is a much broader category than Detroit-style.

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They aren’t too far from us! Is it order head and pick up only? Or can you order at the location?

I believe you have to order via their website on toast tab and pick up. I had a friend pick up for me so not sure if you can walk up.


Happy New Year :tada: Started a new day with some gifted food for a blessing year :crossed_fingers:

I toasted some freshly home-pounded Kiri Mochi from Shunji San to eat with nori and sweet soy and some more with kinako today. So happy and tasty. To whoever made this Kiri Mochi and gifted it to Shunji San, you’re and angel in my heart :face_holding_back_tears: Hardly find real and freshly pounded mochi this good here!

Also appreciate the kiri mochi rain in Little Tokyo earlier (made by fugetsu-do for Japanese New Year Celebration).

Bonus festivities

My very second bite after a mandarin passed midnight was this soft Meji Tofu. So simple, but addictive. I’ll probably eat this tofu everyday for as long as I can to start 2023 off right :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: It’s so yummy.

So much heart for the tasty yet simplest food out there. Appreciate every little thing and embrace this new year with a grateful heart :heart: Stay healthy and happy!

TMI: the homemade mochi is on the top left.


Looks like maybe a shared ghost kitchen?

I’ve driven past several times, it recently went through a complete remodel that other Ghost Kitchens are going through to make them more walk-up friendly. Just how much, not sure…

Dog Haus Onion Rings were 10/10 probably the best I ever had.

Carnitas El Artista in Inglewood Breakfast burrito was excellent. Great Carnitas made fresh daily and. the habanero sauce was the perfect amount of fire.

I ordered the regular carnitas burrito with no rice and they messed up and you can see why I order no rice, way too much of a filler.
They have a chilaquiles burrito looks great and will be the next I try.

The last two visits have been to just order the carnitas by the pound and it’s an excellent deal.
For less than $20 you get a pound of delicious carnitas, tortillas, cilantro, red onion and salsas.
Fed a family of four with 2 lbs and had lots of leftovers.


Usually don’t get the burrito at Tito’s but it’s really not bad. The tortilla they use is on point and the meat is juicy. It’s super simple but good

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This is literally the only thing to get at Titos! Meat, bean, cheese, done.


That’s what I got! I am normally a taco person there and I like the beans as well.


Tanakaya (Tustin)
Toshikoshi noodle set. At $9 ($9.50 for matcha), it’s a steal. Fresh, uncooked noodles and accoutrements (negi, wasabi, and soba sauce) with instructions on how to prep them at home.

Takes just a few minutes and noodles are ready to eat. Heat the sauce and add a couple of cups of hot stock/broth to it if you want hot soupy soba.

They start taking orders during the holidays for NYE pick up. There were a ton of people picking up at opening. I made mine NYD.


I :hearts: Tito’s Chili con Carne too.


I don’t think I’ve ever tried it! LA Times did a cool video at their commissary kitchen, I didn’t realize they made their tortillas and everything from scratch.