January 2024 Rundown

I’m afraid I missed something, but scrolling up I couldn’t find it. Where is this?

I must be really losing this, too… Where is this?!


Simpang in palms sorry looks like spell check broke it up into two words

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Pizzeria Bianco DTLA

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Did a back alley pastrami exchange with @hppzz.

Made my bootleg #19

What a treat! @hppzz thanks again for arranging it!


True, not “Thai spicy” level. Probably high medium for Thai. I haven’t had anything I’d consider that spicy at Indonesian places. I only had “Thai Spicy” once at LAcha Somtum and the waitress tried to talk me out of it before shrugging :grinning: But, that’s why I mentioned Hunan, which is much hotter than most Sichuan. I’ve never been to a Hunan place where they asked about spice level. It just is. Granted, I haven’t hit the spicier end for a bit, but I still show no signs of issues with spiciness.


So are you saying the chilis have no effect on your bowel movements?

Iron tummy!

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That’s kind of personal and maybe TMI :rofl:, but I’ve had no obvious negative effect. So, yes, I can say that.

I’ve seen all the remarks by people going on about burning afterwards, and it being worth it, and I’m like :man_shrugging:


Wow, that’s great! You’re very lucky. I like Jitlada spicy food but it makes the next morning difficult — especially after the daily pour over coffee. Even Hunan can cause issues. Sichuan is fine — it’s not really that spicy in the capsaicin sense.

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Burritos La Palma (El Monte)

Dropped by while we were in the neighborhood and caught them before they close (6PM on Sundays).

Birria, deshebrada, tinga and chicharron all to go with a package of their tortillas.

Each burrito is still superb, and that chicharron packs quite a punch heat/spicewise. Loved the slippery and unctuous texture a slow braise does to pork skin.

Then I needed a nap.

Their tomato salsa accompaniment was a little watery today and tasted less of tomato than in the past. It didn’t provide the usual acidic contrast to the proteins like I’m used to.


The watery salsa has always been the weakest component at BLP. I wish they had something a little spicier and less watery. But those little burritos are so delicious sometimes you don’t even need a salsa.


I’ve always liked it before as the acid to cut through the richness of their fillings. It was a little lackluster yesterday.

In talking to the staff in a previous visit long ago, any extra heat folks might ant should come from the fresh serrano included with each order.


Macho burger (Sawtelle) Beijing wrap


Cafe su dua

Phin smith so good


And the taste was…? :slight_smile:

Some Jan eats for/from me…

Belle Vie at The Draycott

Croque Madame + fries. Cedric is missed, but the food was good, and it was lovely to see Vincent again. If anyone is looking to invest, he has an idea for Westwood (south of Wilshire).

Kappo Miyabi (Santa Monica)
Tried to get into Shirubē on a Fri, 1.5 hr wait time. No thanks. Passed by Colapasta; totally swamped (had it a few days later, and it as wonderful as ever). Called Kappo Miyabi; no wait. Yes! Love how close restaurants in Santa Monica are (we didn’t need to move the car!).

This isn’t going to win any awards for innovation, but it was all very satisfying and quite a deal, IMHO (given how expensive dining out in general is, nowadays). It reminds me of Tokyo Lobby, only the food is actually quite good (on top of being fairly voluminous).

Prince Dumpling (Rosemead)

My mom doesn’t participate on FTC but somehow heard about this place (they live in the SGV). We didn’t get the lobster XLB and got the crab XLB. It was… fine. Less porky than DTF and tasted more “homemade” (I don’t mean that as an insult). Scallion pancakes are a skip. Sweet and sour pork ribs (not pictured) looked drenched in sauce but didn’t taste that way (I like easy on the sauce) and were quite tender. Would order again.

The lobster shell of the noodle soup was just for show, but there was plenty of lobster and even 2 pieces of abalone. :smiley: Soup had a nice lobster flavor as well. I think bok choy would’ve made more sense instead of broccoli, but that’s a nitpick. I thought the noodle soup was fantastic and would happily return just for that alone.

Service was very efficient and professional.


the crust reminded me of KFC but more white pepper forward. The chicken was dark meat which I appreciate. The wrap had cucumber and a hoisin type sauce.


Post snack at Everson Royce Bar after seeing Luna Luna art amusement park exhibit. The Keith Haring carousel and Basquiat Ferris wheel! Nice view of the 6th street bridge too.

Tasty patty melt and the side of pickles were great. Cassell’s is probably the best.

But really if I had to choose it would be Pann’s. Love the Googie building and classic diner vibes.

The biscuits and burger at Everson Royce Bar are so damn good. Best bar food in LA. I’ll stand by that!


Potentially huge addition to The Original Farmers Market …


Quarter Sheets.

The Vodka Pesto is amaazing. I was eating it and thinking: why didn’t I ever order this from the beginning?! It’s my personally favorite and I’m hoarding the entire pizza if I ever order it again.

Tacos Los cholos. Is it worth the hype? Yes to visiting at least more than once.

The most interesting thing about this place? They have like different meat categories. Regular premium and another category (I forgot the name). Plus they have an option of adding cheese, I believe on the outside of the tortilla. It creates like this dark brown cheesy crust. Plus they had multiple sauces, which was also a plus.


Tacos Los Cholo loads up on the meat. At the Anaheim location I parked near the grill out back where they are cooking up all the meats, corn, potatoes and peppers. If you’ve ever been to this location you know what a cluster f this parking lot is. I was happy to get a spot. Any spot. After we finished our dinner my entire windshield and parts of our front driver and passenger side windshield were covered in grease. I don’t mean a splash or so I mean like the whole windshield was covered. I tried to spray it off 3-4 times and it barely made a dent. It was kinda gross. Don’t park near the grills.

If you go back to Tacos Los Cholos I really like the AHM taco. No idea what it stands for but they add a cheese stuffed pepper to the taco. The cheese tacos are good too. They do the trick where they melt the cheese on the griddle then add the tortilla so it sticks and becomes one cohesive vehicle for meat.