Jiang Hu Bistro

So the old King Hua location in Alhambra now is occupied by Jiang Hu Bistro. TBH, I don’t know what a Chinese bistro is. Any clues?


Okay based on:

The Yelp pics from the owner, the one review from Angela W, and the words jianghu.

I think this could possibly be a wuxia themed restaurant.

It seems to be part of a night club chain based in Sichuan.

Why do Yelpers write yelp reviews for establishments they haven’t even visited???

In this case not a review but more of a comment (excited to check this place out) which happens here all the time as well.

FTC is a discussion board. Yelp is a review site. Not the same.

So they can get that coveted “First to Review” badge… :wink:


Sweet! I’m down with a place that lets me work on my dexterity and keeping a languid too cool to care expression as I fend off attacks with my tea cup and chopsticks. I think the ceilings are a little low for any wire work though…

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Ah I see you have not spent time in the Yelp
Elite community.

I always wondered what it would be like to attend a Yelp ELITE party. Just the name itself irks me. Elite. Elite in Monterey Park is fine. Yelp Elite lmao get over yourself. I wonder if they ask for freebies like IG’ers and Tik Tokers

I’ve seen some Yelp folks ask for special treatment in exchange for a positive review.

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Read the reviews of the elite events. It’s all about getting free stuff and back patting, not that surprising actually.

Dirty, I feel so dirty just thinking about that. Dirtier than any nsfw searching I did in my misspent youth.