Jitlada Analysis

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I think I have to go back because I’m yet to be impressed with them and paying twice as much as the other places i go to in Thai Town hasn’t been justified. I don’t mind paying if they have unique and impressive dishes, so I’ll go back for the curries. But $15 morning glory doesn’t float my boat. Yes in general the premise is solid, spicy, heavily flavored cuisines are very exciting and we crave them more than fine dining restaurants. .

If you don’t think Jitlada has unique dishes you haven’t been reading the menu carefully…

I haven’t tried enough on my 1 visit and keep going back to northern places like an addict. How about just tell me what you like rather than the reading comprehension critique dot dot dot

Well, just go take a look at the extensive Southern Thai section of the menu. Very little of it is easily available elsewhere in Thai Town.

And see this thread: Jitlada Lovers--What are your favorite dishes?

Guess I didn’t explain myself properly as the word unique is being focused on. While the 3 things we tried were in fact unique (not easily available elsewhere), I wasn’t that impressed with them given the price tag. It has been a long time and I dont remember besides morning glory, but I completely admit the need to go back and try more.

Rack of lamb in southern curry is an amazing, spicy dish. So is the seabass in Tamarind sauce. I think if you went and didn’t like those, Jitlada’s just not going to be your thing. Which is fine–it’s very different from the northern style that is all the rage now.

Will do, thanks.

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I deleted my posts out of sensitivity. I want this to be an inclusive community. My post wasn’t meant to be offensive. I didn’t see anything wrong with comparing food to sex, and still don’t. But I don’t want it to be a springboard for more offensive comments.

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