Jon and Vinnys - Faux Family, But Amazing Otherwise

was pretty quick… though CC required.

Here’s my Hypothetical, Utopian, Alternate Universe Hypothesis (on appropriate restaurant proportionality):
If Jon and Vinny’s was the size of Pok Pok AND if Pok Pok was the size of Jon and Vinny’s BOTH places would be doing much, much better.

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I’m guessing Jon and Vinnys is doing fine haha but the world would be an ever so slightly nicer place; I approve of this change to reality; make it so Czar Bob!

I know, but can you imagine how much fin-er they would be doing if everyone who wanted to eat there most nights could be accommodated?

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I suppose so.

I wonder if they just didn’t think they would be nearly as popular as they are?

Abbott’s was my first time trying it in general. I didn’t like it largely because the lemon vinagrette was overpowering and was the only thing I was tasting. I almost found it difficult to get through by the end, it just became bread and salad and lost the entire pizza part of it. The one at Jon & Vinny’s looks better.

It’s not at the top of my J&V list though. I need those meatballs and a plate of the vodka sauce pasta STAT.

Reservations very easy for breakfast and lunch, impossible for dinner.

they might be too big for their britches then

Free marinara pizza on Valentine’s Day if you reserve a time slot via Resy:

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Peony: It is a good restaurant. All the food was tasty and well-prepared. The ingredients were good quality. I find it has its own style among so many Italian-style restaurants. My favorites today were the linguine with clams and the cannoli. I feel its level is above the average neighborhood restaurant.

Warrior: This is a pretty good restaurant. No dish was noteworthy. I preferred a recent meal at Son of a Gun (around the same level; that’s why I make the comparison). On to the next restaurant.