Juicers for the home...what’s your opinion? Cold-press or regular press?

I have the exact same one.

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I had one of those glass ones once. Didn’t last as long as the plastic one.

Mine’s ‘vintage’ and I’ve probably had it 25 years.

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Using my Juice-O-Mat for the first time in a while, to deal with a four-week backlog of CSA mandarins, I realized it might be the kitchen tool I’ve had the longest. I think I got it in the mid-70s, when every thrift store in SF always had a dozen to choose from. Moved to Rome with us and back.

Current product with functionality similar design:


Can’t believe I missed this thread. I just never considered a juicer, although every Saturday we have a ritual of making Lemonade. Between our trees and my parents ranch… we always have lemons and other citrus.

I too am a huge fan of our Juice O Mat. Lemons and oranges keep in the fridge for weeks… but when it’s time… it tears through lemons and oranges for juice freezing in no time.

I also love those glass reamers. We are such Klutzes we always break them. I recently got a Le Creuset one and hate that it doesn’t have a seed catcher like those glass ones. But the Reamer is nice and tall and does good work on Sumos.

And for Key Limes… we have the Mexican juicer press. I’ve tried the bigger ones, but the squeeze power is just not the same as it is with a Juice-O-Mat.

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We’ve had one of these for years. It does a great job.

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