June 2024 Rundown

Actually almost makes sense when trying to figure out the words in my broken Canto.

I end up using my teeth to bite them and just squeeze I agree delivery method could be better

I’d love suggestions for All You Can Eat Sushi restaurants.

I had 2 Lunch AYCE Sushi back to back days and I still want them.

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Sushi Haus in little Tokyo has been getting some social media buzz recently. Here fishy fishy has been the LA favorite for 2 years now.

There’s a YouTube channel called rockstar eater that almost exclusively explores AYCE options too

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Pasta. $$ -$$$.

In or around K-Town.

Occasion: Dad day.

Any ideas?


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Antico Nuovo?

A good one but I’m gathering rec’s for a friend. Antico Nuovo might be on the higher end for them.


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Melrose but mid-city nonetheless: Marino (closed Sundays, but you can celebrate Dad on Saturday, yes?)…

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Very difficult to get into

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Antico Nuovo is the only one kinda IN Ktown-- if you’re going north to Melrose for Etra, you may as well include Mozza (only a couple of blocks further west) or Osteria Mamma (which I haven’t been to post pandemic but was good pre) or Osteria La Buca.


Here’s looking at you. Haven’t been for a couple years but I enjoyed it the last time I went

Chef from Ronan just started there

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Nearby is also good!

yeah, not a lot of Italian/Pasta options in Ktown… if they want very casual there’s Pasta Sisters.


All very helpful. Thanks y’al!!

Good times at GCM
Villas Tacos. The queso tacos with blue corn tortillas are excellent. Carne asada was better than the chicken. Good salsa too.

Carnitas and chicharrone at Villa Moreliana. Are these the best tacos at GCM? I wouldn’t fight you if that was your opinion.

Excellent strawberry and shortbread ice cream


any of you rascals sit next to me at the bar at Barra Santos tonight? If so, in what feels very much like FTC fashion, you ordered prawn heads and two different ports and had bang-banged with Capri Club lol.

anyway anyway, I love that place. Top 5 non-reservation spot in the city for me.

Love the broiled prawn heads that is a frequent special. The snap pea salad slaps, as the kids say, and the bifana (pork sandwich) is probably my favorite sandwich in Los Angeles. (Down with cold sandwiches though so for the most part ignore that take.) Also did the tuna (wonderful) and the endive salad. Very tasty!

Did a carafe of white, a glass of red, some port spritz, and two desserts and it was 120 pp, which honestly feels good right now.


I have jury duty tomorrow (grumble) and will be heading to GCM for lunch. Hopefully the taco lines won’t be too long or maybe I’ll check out one of the other newer vendors that have opened up in the last year or so… although I may be tempted to head over to DTLA Cheese for a sandwich…hmmmmmm choices…


Endive salad is my fav salad of the year. Wish it was not such a bitch to get into before late or super early!