K-Zo in Culver City - any recent visits?

My wife wants non-omakase / non-break the bank sushi-kitchen dishes.
Something like Ken-san always did so well at Kiriko.
K-Zo (and Hamasaku) come to mind in in West-erly LA, but I have not been to K-Zo in ages.


I have not been, but would Sushi Gozen fit the bill (since I think one of the chefs from Kiriko went there?)? But it also looks like no one has reviewed that place here, either.


Been a long time–an ex’s dad is friends with Keizo–but I always liked it

CB and I did go to Gozen Bistro (in the old Aburiya Raku space) a while back for omakase. I recall it being good. No review.

BUT I did go to Sushi Gozen in Santa Monica recently on my own (with Tomo-san, from Kiriko Sushi, helming the counter). It was very good!


When I did an internet search, I noticed that there were 2 Gozens. Are they related?

Good to hear the Santa Monica is very good. The omakase there seems pretty affordable, so I may give it a whirl eventually…

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It’s not on their website, but Enya has an excellent happy hour, including a reduced price omakase as well as other specials. Not sure of the hours, though. (Only because you mention Kiriko.)

Concur. I have been to Sushi Gozen a few times and enjoyed my visits, though the place itself lacks the warmth of Kiriko and the kitchen dishes are not quite as good (which is not to say they aren’t tasty, perhaps just not as craveable). The sushi and sashimi have been very good. I have been surprised how uncrowded it has been at the sushi bar each time I have visited, albeit it was usually toward the later part of the evening