Kato - Extended Tasting Menu

Those are some beautiful glasses. I still love me some Zalto glasses but these are roughly half the price. I may have to try them out.

How in the world are these dishwasher safe???

zalto are dishwasher safe too

I’ve broken way too many “dishwasher safe” wine glasses in the dishwasher. No way I’m putting Zalto glasses in there.

I’ve never broken a zalto or glasvin in the dishwasher. I have broken grabriel gold though.

I’ve been using the Glasvin prestige a lot recently.

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Thanks for sharing. The folks over on wineberserkers seem to be fans so I’ll trust their judgement and grab a few.

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Wow! Amazing dinner at Kato last night. This maybe my new favorite restaurant in Los Angeles (at least not counting some omakase sushi places). Yes, expensive and decadent but no regrets! Everything from the decor to plating to service to food just clicked last night. We had vintage wine pairing ($175) which was almost 100% on point (Champagne, 3 rieslings, 2 white burgundies, chenin blanc, rhone white, provence red (least favorite), sweet chenin blanc, port, and I may be missing one).
Wine glasses (glas vin which i loved) were changed after each one and with perfect timing. The food ranged from excellent to spectacular, and the amount of food was pretty much just right. I can not wait to return!


Definitely not hungry. Stuffed? No. Could I eat some more? Probably yes, but that would cross into gluttonous. I would say perfect amount of food (at least when wine pairings are accounted for).


It was so nice not to have to bring my own glasses to the restaurant!
Loved glas.vin and getting a set for everyday drinking to mix it up with Zalto’s.

big fan of the new Prestige stems. I usually don’t like those tulip like stems, but these are done really well.

disclaimer - David (the owner) is a friend of mine. But my stem cabinet is a big mix of Grassl, Glasvin, Zalto, GGG


Kato’s chef nominated us (Glasvin) for 30 Under 30 - Jonathan was previously 30u30. So aside from them being amazing customers of ours I am personally grateful. :relaxed:


Welcome to FTC!

I started seeing referrals to our site so I had to join! First time being on this forum. Looks awesome


Jon sure knows his shit so your glasses must be the real deal. Looking forward to my order arriving! Welcome to FTC.

Anybody know when the next reservations will be available for Kato? It says the 2nd week of the month prior on Resy. Does that mean April reservations open up next week? Specific date and time would be super appreciated.

april reservations are live


Love you.

How long is dinner running? Trying to hit Death & Co after dinner.

about 3 hours for a party of 4.

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Res taken

$225 starting 4/1