Kinkan (Japanese Thai in Virgil Village)

Warrior: Yes, the restaurant is a surprise. We just saw it pop up on Tock and decided to make a reservation. It is slightly less than $200 per person, with service included. I would say it is a fair value given the pricy ingredients. The service was sweet, not at all formal. (I believe our server was the owner/chef’s daughter.) Every seat in the restaurant, including the bar seats, was occupied, but the restaurant did a good job moving things along. The closest comparison (in terms of overall feel) would be Kato (or at least Kato as I remember it three years ago).

A lovely meal. My review is forthcoming…


It was formerly a pop-up, but this is the brick and mortar space they’d been looking to open.


it’s owned by Nan who previously was in the fashion industry and only recently taken up food/japanese cuisine. She has since hired a team of Thai chefs and her Japanese mentor Chef Yasu who is the other person behind the bar ( along w/ Nan). So while we were all baking sourdough, Nan learned to make IG worthy bentos during the pandemic and now has a restaurant. Pretty amazing.


wasn’t there some controversy surrounding Nan on IG?


Yup: she kept using photos of Japanese chefs’ bento/dishes via Andrew Gyokudari’s IG and presenting them as her works without crediting the photos or specific dishes, then when called out made her IG private. Of course no one really cared, and it was forgotten after the next news cycle…

Edit: there are actually a couple of other minor things, but they’re not public so I’m not at liberty to discuss. But credit to her for being extremely PR/social-savvy and targeting the perfect clientele.


Yeah I remember Jimmy Sugi or maybe some other bento chefs doing take out at that time calling her out on IG—and even one of the photos that was used in Bill Addison’s LA times feature possibly wasn’t hers. Don’t think anything came out of it though.


Dang, I did not know that…


Warrior: We didn’t mention in our review that the (delicious) dessert came from Bahn Kanom Thai, but the waitress was quick to let us know when we praised it.

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was it listed on the menu.

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Warrior: there was no menu. They didn’t try to hide it; the (amazing) coconut cream pudding thing came in the same metal foil that you would see at Bahn Kanom Thai. The dessert course was really good (it was my favorite course, actually). But I would like to see this restaurant striving to make its own desserts. I can go to Bahn Kanom Thai any time. Anyway, it is hardly my intent to pile on. I’d like to be supportive and to cut some slack.

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Anyone been recently? They had a LOT of buzz and then I stopped hearing anything about it for the past two or so years. Trying to figure out if it’s still worthwhile—current tasting menu is $185.

Went a few weeks ago.

We had some great dishes and it was a fun dinner. Some pacing issues with serving the entire restaurant at once. Most warm things were pretty cold by the time they reached us.

There were some great bites like the tuna tart with curry, a solid kisu tempura course, very good crab rice with stone crab claw. Sauces were particularly good. The last course of a pasta with pamang bolognese was good but…hardly a hint of panang just a good bolognese haha.

Our dessert was a coconut ish sauce with squishy multicolored rice balls (dyed with dif things like butterfly pea) I didn’t gather that it was from somewhere else because they brought out the other chef who they said made it? The chef is SUPER nice and we had a pleasant time talking to her at the counter. Music choices were a bit…much. (They played a song from the muppets movie multiple times at the end)

Anyway, there were some good ingredients but hard to justify the price tag. Maybe 150 tops would be worth it.


Odds dessert is from Bhan Kanom again? :rofl:


we need a pic to do some forensic analysis.

or maybe it might be from the new Bhan Kanom dessert spot Kanomwaan.

Think you’re right.

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Was it Rainbow Connection? That song’s so good I’d listen to it on replay.

No that song rules. It was one from the more recent 2010’s movie with jason segel

Minor thread drift: I really liked Kanomwaan.

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