Korean Stewed Pork Foot Specialist - Jang Choong Dong



Excellent, OG hound material right there.


oh man that looks good, and we’re about due for a k-town lunch run.

I second the recommendation. This restaurant is excellent, and despite the lack of English on the signage, I’ve taken older, whiter palates there and all have had a great time.

I didn’t realize this place had been flying under the radar–it is truly fantastic, but now I’m worried it might become harder to get into…

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Hi @strongoxman,

Yah this place is great. :slight_smile: The 2 times we went it was at 30% full and 50% full, so it’s not very busy, but it was pretty awesome for dinner.

Hi @Ns1, @secretasianman,

Looking forward to your thoughts if you get a chance to try it for dinner. :slight_smile:

Lunch special has gone up to $12, but it’s still a great value.

Got about halfway through before I realized I had to ask for the jalapeños and garlic.

Only other non-Korean customers were Chinese. No one was speaking English.



this place needs to open up a branch in palmdale already.


$18.99 for Noodles Served on a Plate

Must be really good noodles or a really nice plate.

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Probably enough for a party of four, or maybe six.

What are those two sauces called?

It’s a bit lost in translation, but it’s a noddle dish mixed with tons of veggies in a chili sauce.

well that even has my armenian, khaash eating ass intimidated

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Looks similar to japchae.

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How come? Doesn’t look too unusual to me.

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I have difficulty with tendon and pork fat chunks textures

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There’s a lot of meat in there.

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