@kriscake_bakery Get Some Cake

Moved this year with her children to escape the war in Ukraine. Please consider throwing an IG follow to and check out the photos! Maybe even order one of the creations for one of your cravings.

She’s super good. Honestly usually when we see very artistic cakes, they’re generally bland but she’s got the old world skills and a big repertoire. I’m very impressed.

She just baked one for my kid’s birthday last weekend and everyone was blown away. We had 4 cakes and hers was the one we put candles in and it was easily the winner of the taste off. Going to bake us another one next month.

Here’s the one we had- Nuts, merengue, ganache, coffee accents, blueberries

Check out her photos.


Happy birthday to the kiddo!

That cake looks gorgeous!

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