Ktown resto that takes rezzies

Anyone know of a ktown bbq or otherwise type restaurant that takes reservations?

Looking for a vibe like aghassi gopchang. Basically a lively spot with free flowing beer and soju with good food.

Parks is out because they have no reservations available

Chosun Galbee


So I haven’t been since pre Covid but chosun has a very stiff old ajumma vibe not very festive at all

Looking for somewhere for a guys night

During COVID they built out a really nice outdoor patio and we’ve held guys’ night out on two occasions recently with good feedback. The vibe has changed.


MUN Korean Steakhouse on 6th St. takes reservations on Yelp. Meat is good. Fancy cocktails. Beer & soju. Clientele skews young. Music is quite loud.