La Maison Du Pain, Burger King and el chato

Leo’s Tacos is pretty close, you ever been there? It’s pretty good, kind of unknown, but when they have the trompo out, it’s some damn fine al pastor.

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Yes, to Leo’s. I like El Chato better though. Just had a carne asada burrito from Leo’s (no trompo) it was ok.

Yes, cookie, I was editing like a mad woman. I agree no loss with BK but curious why it closed and about what will go there. El Chato could have just been on a break. He’s prone to not being there.

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Thanks for the lead on that story; truly is sad. Stolen funds went to trips, cars and a French bakery, court opinion says


WOW. I remember reading about them when the bakery opened and I thought “damn, those are some rich Mexicans.” just found out they weren’t rich or Mexican. messed up! How are they not in jail? I guess…MONEY?

Because they were never charged with a crime.

I’ll just leave this here.

[video removed per user reuqest]

In case the video doesn’t load, click here

When white boy hooligan says, “Oh, that’s going to focus nicely.”
Watched it twice and am cracking up!

Mixed emotions here. They admit what they’ve done; so there’s no getting around it. On the other hand, they’ve always been nice, humble people who welcomed everyone. Even the former boss seems to have a hard time working up a fury over the theft. It’s curious.

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According to El Chato’s Facebook page, their truck is in the shop and should be back early this week.

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How can they not be charged with a crime?

Thanks. I went to the facebook page, just didn’t scroll down far enough.

Maybe because there was an agreement to forfeit the business to the lawyer (ex-boss)? There is something odd about it. That’s why I wrote mixed emotions. I read one interview a while back where he said he didn’t have hard feelings and wished them success with the bakery :confused:. He also said she did not leave him financially ruined. It just seems like there is something missing.

You mean forfeit the bakery? I would be MAD AS HELL!!!

Mad at him or him mad at them?

I’m Filipino and it makes me sad that they would do something like this. I know it’s not about race and anyone can be thieves but still…SMH


Lack of evidence.

Direct evidence via accounting records over years isn’t enough evidence?

I need to get into this embezzlement game.

I think you nailed it.

Leo’s is basically an al pastor specialist. Not sure I’ve even had anything else from them lol

El Chato’s good, too, but I wish they had spicier salsa. probably just me.

You and me both! Damn.