LA Times 101 Best Restaurants

Wow. This new 101 List of the “Best” Restaurants in LA… it’s beyond baffling and downright egregious. Examples:

  • Burritos La Palma at #15?! :confused: I love Burritos La Palma, but let’s be real here. They placed this place above Shunji, Angler, Somni (and many other much better places)?! WTH?

  • Where’s Mori Sushi? Ah yes, continuing on one of the big oversights from Gold’s days, no love for Maru-san’s fantastic Sushi, which is arguably some of the best in L.A. The fact they list Pasadena’s mediocre Osawa on this list and not Mori Sushi is ridiculous.

  • Tsubaki - Does not belong on any “Best” lists for its food. It’s horrendous (but it’s located nearby some of the L.A. times staff writers, so it’s convenient for them).

  • Longo Seafood and Lunasia?! Mediocre Dim Sum at best; the same Longo that @ipsedixit posted the best dish was the water; the same place that served a giant clump of congealed rice as “rice rolls”?

  • 189 by Dominique Ansel? Mediocre Pastries, awful Brunch, but it’s got the name brand of a celebrated chef. :frowning:

I get it’s all subjective. They have their opinions but this feels like such an oversight for many places left off the list or ranked low, and the inclusion of total mediocrity. Oh well.

Thanks for posting the list @BlurA14.