Let's talk about Middle Eastern food...where?

Brian’s wife states his wife dislikes the neighborhood of Clairemont or El Cajon…
No offense to her, that is her opinion, but its a blanket statement that all of Clairemont and EC are ‘sketch’.

Hey, I grew up on the back side of Mt. Helix, which was considered the LJ of East County…and considered in some areas, EC incorporated…Fakey too…
It is a beautiful area and not at all ‘sketch’ but if you don’t know the area, it’s easy to make statements like that.

When I’m in areas that make me somewhat vulnerable, I develop a warrior mentality…a ‘Don’t even think of F*cking with me’.
I’ve used it since I was little and it works quite well…especially when traveling the world when a blonde chica, is not the norm, in certain parts of the world.

I’ve even yelled at gang members that litter outside of their car and make them pull over and go and get the trash they just threw out…it’s called respect and maybe I have one big ass guardian Angel…:innocent:

To get to your point…I’m not scared to cross the street to homeless people…most are harmless and mentally ill or high/drunk.

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not my wife! go back and reread it haha. Most of Clairemont IS sketchy, but so is North Park…just don’t be stupid and odds are you will be fine.

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Fixing it now…sorry Richard Simmons!

BTW…those short short dolphin :dolphin: shorts are probably the safest, in Hillcrest, than any other part of the County!

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North Park is sketchy, that’s like saying La Jolla is sketchy

I did not say that. People need to stop reading between the lines. We spend a lot of time shopping in Clairemont, especially at the Balboa International Market.

What she thinks is sketchy is the intersection of Clairemont Drive and Balboa, the site of the former Albertson’s where Goodwill is now located, as well as the Harvest International we have been discussing. And she wouldn’t be bothered to be there by herself during the day; just after dark.

If you have particular observations about that specific location after dark, fire away. I think you are generalizing, though, unless you’ve been there recently.

Sorry Brian…
I’m on a apology tour…my bad!

I think you need to come back and live in SD…your writing style shows how much you miss your wife and daughter.


North Park is not just 30th street. I know people that have been mugged there in the last few years, not to mention I work there and see all sorts of umm interesting things day and night. It didn’t hold SD’s Highest Crime Rate for years for nothing (that “award” now goes to City Heights I believe). Regardless, it is way better than it was years ago!

I agree that that the area around that particular intersection in Clairemont is a bit on the “sketchy” side. It’s better now than it used to be, though. The presence of the liquor store (which has been there forever) doesn’t help. But Harvest is there and it’s worth the excursion.

I’ll do that if Honkman gives me a job.

What is Herr Honk…J. Craig Venter?

I don’t think so, but at some point I think he was at one of the Torrey Pines outfits. If it were Sequenom, it would be a continuation of the old German joke we make.

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I wasn’t at Sequenom but actually knew their German founder (my biochemistry professor back in Germany)

Does your Biochemistry Prof have the ‘Cranky’ gene too?

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Sure, Germans have an extra chromosome set known as B-Cranky

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LOL, Honk. You do have a sense of humor, howbeit frequently subdued…

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Humorous Herr Honk!!
Who knew…

The food at Ala Turca is great. Really great, and prepared fresh. We went in at 11:30 am last Saturday and even though they weren’t open yet, three chefs were kicking ass on their prep work. We ended up splitting a babaganush and a mixed grill. Everything was seasoned and cooked to perfection and they provide a generous serving for the money. Will definitely go back.

Nado’s inside the Rancho Penasquitos Genie Car Wash. That’s right, delicious Middle Eastern food inside a frickin a car wash!!! A bit of mixed experiences here, but some of the daily specials have been spectacularly good. Have noticed that portion sizes seem to get larger as it approaches their 6 pm close time, but the food also seems to be a little more dried out as well. But many of my neighborhood friends have been just raving about this place.

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Thanks for ala turca Intel, was waiting for a non Yelp review before going but will now definitely check it out

Ala Turca looks awesome and this is close to my hood!
Why haven’t I seen this since I shop at Sprout’s and go to that Stein mart/Home Goods, all the time…
Thanks F1 bruddha!!!

Now, let’s talk about the food in a car wash…love that!
I’m so on that…stat!