Little Coyote pizza

So, I was looking forward to taking a friend to this newly hyped pizzeria in Long Beach but its not clear if they only take online orders or if they have any dine in…I called and left a message and sent an email but no response…anyone got the 411 on this joint? grazie

They have both online orders and outdoor dining. The parking spots out front have been converted to a patio.

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Hi Attran99, thanks for the info but one more question…I was at a restaurant 2 weeks ago which almost wouldn’t let me order and pay in person as a walk up…thats what I need to know…can I just walk up at Little Coyote and order there?

You can walk up, order and pay and wait for your food.

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The last time I was there ~4 weeks ago they were so busy that they stopped talking online or phone orders. The wait for a pie was about 45-60 minutes so prepare to wait. The seating outside is kind of sparse maybe 6 tables total. On the Saturday I was there a bunch of tables were occupied by people having drinks.

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thanks mucho for the info!

thanks A5Kobe…will report on the experience


Both Sergios might not be around on a regular basis anymore.

Interesting I wonder if the quality will suffer ala superfine.

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last time I was at Superfine(6 months ago?) it was excellent!

The last 2 times we were at LC it seemed like both of the owners were more front of the house focused rather than in the back making pies/supervising the pie making so hopefully their departure will not impact the quality at LC. At Superfine pre pandemic when the Sergio(s) left the kitchen there was a very noticeable drop off in quality of the pies. Maybe they got some better pie makers back? I haven’t been back to Superfine in a year+ but at one point they were making the best pizza in LA IMHO.