Little Saigon Adventures

Thanks again!! I had an errand to run at the South Coast Plaza and was so excited to try them! The only time we could make it fit this weekend was on Saturday at Dinner time. I expected a wait and that was fine, SCP is kinda my happie place and I hadn’t been in a bit. But imagine my shock when we walked up and got a table right away!!!

They turn things around quick! Their menu is just Pho so it keeps orders streamlined and they have a bar area and a tucked away dining area. We were in the dining area, things were not cramped and you never felt like you were at the mall. We had never been to Phoholic so we just dove in with our usual standby and what they are known for…

Steak and Tendon Pho with wide noodles and then sides of Meatballs and Back Ribs. Lychee Iced Tea (With real Lychee!!)

First, the broth was everything I had hoped. Really deep rich flavor. There was a good amount of richness to the broth, it wasn’t super thin like so many places.

The Meatballs were housemade. Great texture, not too spongy and so flavorful. Would order again

The back rib which they are so famous for was… IMPRESSIVE. With the side order you get TWO big ribs. They are so tender than they just slide off the bone. They come with the scissors to cut up the meaty sleeve and shave off each bit off the bone.

The only disappointment was the tendon. The soup had plenty of it. It just wasn’t as tender or unctuous as I had noped. I admit, I have been spoiled as of late with Corner Noodle House… Also, I did find the noodles a little softer to my liking. They were not mushy… but I generally like a little more body to them. Next time I will order the smaller stick noodle.

The service was great. The price was more than fair, especially the back rib Next time we will likely order the beef and the meatball… and that back rib…


Glad you enjoyed. I think that new lil food court area is pretty neat. We enjoyed paradise dynasty as well. Have yet to hit up Phoholic at SCP but the line at Rodeo 39 this weekend was nuts. Good to have another less crowded option nearby.


Yep! I have always seen the huge line at Rodeo and since very often I’m there on rush back home, I just hit up Steel Pan… and go…maybe next time… Glad I can tick off so many things in Costa Mesa now…

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They use a different type of sugar cane, I believe.

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Some brodard nem nuong. I also got bun thit nuong and bo luc lac which were both surprisingly not bad from brodards.


I see. Lol had no idea. Do you have a preference? Vita Cane is noticeably thinner while Cococane has more body to it.

Put Khoi Hung on your list for Bo Luc Lac. It’s probably the best in Little Saigon.

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Will do!

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get red rice + extra watercress salad IMO


I can smell that picture!

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Oxtail pho at Pho Lu in Garden Grove. If you’re craving oxtail, then this place offers quite a big portion

bigger than it appears here

I realize this actually isn’t very photogenic…the portion was huge though.

shrimp cake


They also open late!

The oxtails we tried pho 79/101 are actually too tender to my tastes and not well trimmed. I prefer soft and tender but not fall apart, and some of the fat trimmed. The few times we had it was almost mush.


Brookhurst x Edinger.

NEW Ngu Binh location right next to Quan Mii.

Anyone tried Pho Kuroushi ?


101. First time at 101 versus many visits at 79.

It’s good but not as good as when 79 is really good but still good just not as good when 79 is really really good.


Yeah that combo is great and it’s busy as hell at both places.

Sen just north on Brookhurst has excellent bun cha, among other dishes.


Nice find! Good to have a new Northern place in Little Saigon.

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Thanh tan bakery banh mi dac biet add pate. Very tasty esp since the dac biet comes with egg. However I didn’t get a savory element such as soy or mayo. Didn’t eat it fresh though so maybe the flavors changed.

Phin smith cafe su dua phin style. Best cafe su dua hands down.


I wish I could get a jug of that sua da.

LOL banh mi to the beach. I done that before!