Little Saigon Adventures

Pho thin #4 stir fried medium rare beef

So good! Beefy, garlicky with a lot of green onion flavor. Loved it. Reminds me of eating pho on the side of the road in Hanoi.

Didn’t get the youtiao because I had other stops but this will definitely be in my regular pho rotation.


Got the level 5, seven bucks which as I commented upthread is pricey as hell but great chocolate flavor and that shit is like rocket fuel, so strong


M&m donut - blueberry piping hot with no line probably because of the rain. It was solid but I would definitely prefer sidecar any day of the week. Especially if there was a line.


Brodard chateau- nem nuong same price and same quality as the other Brodard with less wait and better freeway access for most of us.

Would recommend grabbing some if you’re in the area.


Hoang Gia.

They have small area to eat in. Some dishes need to be ordered days ahead. Nha Trang specialist. Spring rolls and squid salad seem to be the move here. They also have Singaporean chilli crab and black pepper crab. Some of you have asked for catering well here you go.

Have not been. It just popped up in my feed from a beautiful Vietnamese food influencer so I watched the whole thing lol but it looks legit.