Lodge Bread Co. is Open Again, with Wine, Pizza and a Confusing Menu

This place is so great. I love their food, but right now, I am overwhelmed with garden tomatoes.

I wanted to make pizzas, but homemade pizza crust eludes me. I went to Lodge and asked the cashier f I could get a couple of plain pizza crusts. She looked confused and fetched one of the owners from the office, where he was busy with paperwork. I explained hopefully what I wanted. He said he wasn’t sure how it would come out, but he would try. I said I’ll take it however it comes out, I’m sure it will be fine! So he made me some pizza crusts, and they were perfect, and my pizza was great.

So nice!! A lovely example of a small locally-owned business that defines hospitality and community.


I am hardly an expert, but what eludes you about pizza crust? Might make for an interesting discussion (perhaps in the Home Cooking section?).

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OMG!! I would eat those with just a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt! They also would make awesome carrier for burratta… MUST HAVE!



actually looks better than the bread upthread.

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dang that looks glorious

yea… imma just keep going to DeSano, bring my own wine and be happily ever after… the non pizza options look great tho

what does Desano charge for corkage?

Have you been there for Happy Hour? It’s $50 for any 2 large pies and a bottle of wine. Fantastic deal.

Two bottles no corkage. That’s the fantastic deal.


Lodge is serving pan pizza (“Roman style”).

I didn’t try it, but thought I’d share with the Westsiders that enjoy this style. The bottom has no char, it is an even golden brown.

The new location in the Valley has an ETA of July. Meanwhile, the menu has been pared down at this location. Three pizzas: margherita, pepperoni, or wild mushroom. No hot sandwiches (goodbye to the best ham and cheese ever :cry:), and only three cold sandwiches: albacore tuna, turkey, and I forget the third, probably a vegetarian sandwich.

Did you know they make their own pita?? How great is that?

I ordered two margherita pizzas during happy hour (3-6) and they were GREAT.

The counter guy was nice enough to show me the tomatoes they use for the pizza.

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that pizza looks terribad compared to that place in el segundo.

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Did I mention I didn’t get any? :slight_smile: It’s too bready for me, but the vegetable one looked nice IRL, if you like that kind of pizza,

beg to differ with your opinion about shakshouka here or anywhere else.

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It’s a personal thing. There’s an even more atrocious version called eggs in purgatory.

I’m with you, WSG. Loooooooove a good shakshuka or one of its global cousins.

Have to admit I’m really curious to try that pan pizza. Is it available every day now?

Yes, until they run out. I’m not sure how many pans they make per day, but I was there around 3:00 and they still had it available.

You just gave me a great idea! One of my son’s new teammates really likes Pizza Hut and now my child is eating it too (food is fuel at their age), which makes me cringe. I should get them some of the Lodge pan pizza, hopefully bringing them over from the dark side.


If that were my child, I’d tell him to go cut me a switch! :wink:

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Tried the pan pizza yesterday. Split a veggie and a mushroom/taleggio slice. Both were tasty and very filling, but, as @bookwich noted, just too bready for my taste. Like a super thick and dense foccacia. If the crust were half as thick, it might be an unqualified winner.

One note: the pictures make it look scorched but it’s really not. More like the dark crust on challah bread, if that makes any sense.

Had some ok pizza from Lodge this past weekend. They were out of the pan pizza, so we tried the margherita and the wild mushroom. The marg had decently bright tomato flavor and a nice level of soupiness, but the crust wasn’t working for me. Not sure the sourdough (?) is a good counterpoint to those toppings. But then again, the crust wasn’t great with the mushrooms, either. Felt like the earthiness all blended together and nothing really stuck out.

Since the expansion, I don’t think I’ve had any pizzas nearly on the level of the ones they were cranking out during the Sunday Only Pizza Nights. I still think about the spring pea/black garlic one. Might be nostalgia talking, but that’s how I feel gosh dang it.