Lunch at Raku in WEHO

I didn’t realize mountain yam was yamaimo. Definitely not a fan of that either lol

Yami = mountain
IMO = potato

That’s all I got…

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YamA = mountain

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I think I might kick a puppy if it meant I got to try that egg/uni/roe dish. It looks slurp-o-licious.

plus, ikura + uni is fabulous. The uni udon at Marugame Monzo has them, and they’re little sea flavored surprises.

Oh, you would not. That’s just plain silly.

Z[quote=“chinchi, post:40, topic:5715”]
One of my favorite slimy Japanese dishes found locally is at Torihei. Their natto salad with radish and a soft cooked egg is just wondrous…if you like that sort of thing. I’m a natto lover :heart_eyes_cat:

I don’t LOVE natto but is edible on rice. That’s really the only slimy thing I can think of with Japanese food.

I don’t consider egg yolks slimy, just the white part. I like smelt roe with quail egg, that’s my favorites, more than uni even.

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Stupid fanger.

Has anyone tried omakase at Raku and are there any off menu (including off specials menu) items?

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I haven’t had much success with this dish, try the grilled salmon belly, hamachi belly or the kanpachi kama instead.


It’s always been items off the regular menu, you’re better off ordering alc.


I’m drooling over these pix, even though I still full from lunch!

It all looks overcooked to me.

Fortunately the fish were obese enough to keep the meat juicy #murica


Then I guess none of mama ipsedixit’s special okra sea cucumber zongzi creations for you this year. I’ll make sure to let her know, cuz we saved you some too.

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How kind of you! Of course, I was talking about everyone else’s sea cucumber. I’m sure your mom’s version is lovely, especially mixed with nice, slimy okra. I will eat it with a big smile. :innocent:


I need to be adopted by your family. I promise to make myself useful - surely you need someone with my skill set in the house?

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Are you good at eating?

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Is the Pope Catholic?

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If we’re talking about Pope Lenny (the Young one), then probably not. Not a good eater, but a picky one - he does like his Cherry Coke Zero in the morning.


Loved Raku dinner so much, had to come back the next day for lunch!

The bento box is legit as hell and the pictures alone made my homesick Japanese friends drool!

Top section: a series of super awesome delectable bites designed for sake, with the refinement of high end kappo izakaya in Japan. The dish second from the left was amberjack and marinated bluefin guts (shiokara style). To the right of that is sea urchin with poached egg, and crispy asparagus at the right end.

The grilled black cod and the tamagoyaki were very, very good. The tonkatsu medallions were a huge surprise and with their excellent tonkatsu sauce, makes for an unstoppable combination (I dare say this was one of the best tonkatsu I’ve had in a while, the frying skills are top notch).

The oyako don (not picture) was also very satisfying.

Even though it was lunch, it was also a vacation…and with a bento box this yay good, it deserved to be paired with some sake.

Tamagawa “Heart of Oak” Tokubetsu Junmai

There was not a lot left in this bottle, but it was very well kept, a recent bottling date, and pretty damn fantastic for a first taste and for just one glass. Supreme with the nibblers/top section of the bento and also with the tonkatsu as well.

You can find this bottle for sale up the street at John & Pete’s which I will now advise against buying…though it makes me sad seeing their inventory and how it is kept. But rest assured you’ll very likely get a prime specimen by the glass or a fresh new bottle at Raku.