Lunch on the way to Mammoth!

How many folks in your party? Adults / kids?

2 adults and 2 teenage boys. Sadly, they are not much into sightseeing (the two boys that is)

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A new restaurant just opened in the Village (unfortunately for them, it opened when the blizzards hit and all roads shut down) by the Votagglio brothers: Vulcania | Mammoth Mountain

I don’t know anyone who’s tried it because it opened a couple weeks ago.

My go to’s are Petra’s, Roberto’s, Mogul, Burger’s, and for breakfast there’s Toomey’s. Mammoth is in dire need of decent restaurants.


Thanks. Menu looks good! Made a reservation for the first night just to try it out.

+1 for Petra’s, Burger’s and Roberto’s. Also Giovanni’s, Side Door, Mammoth Brewing company. Interested to try Vulcania.

On a different note, if your place has a kitchen, I’d recommend bringing groceries with you from LA. Stores in Mammoth have had a tough time getting supplies in through all the storms this winter. Situation may be better when you’re up there but who knows? Plus the Vons in town can get super busy and run out of staples on weekends and holidays.


In Mammoth, The Stove is good for a traditional greasy spoon breakfast. Dos Alas is pretty solid too.

Copper Top is good, but I think Holy Smoke is better. IMHO it’s better than any bbq in LA.

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Exactly . My buddy who is a fishing guide there for thirty years is heading back there on the 6th . Freinds are telling him your lucky you didn’t stay this winter . Roofs collapse. Three story house buried . Snow coming this week again. Stores are low on food . Not the place to be .Thats the news as of 4 pm today


It’s true - every trip I’ve planned in the past few months has been canceled by road closures and blizzards. Everyone I know living there says to bring groceries - even restaurants are having a tough time with supplies.

Let us know how Volcania is, @fattydumplin I won’t be up there for another week or so.

@cookiemonster I used to go to Side Door all the time, I loved it. Mammoth Brewing, too - but both are so small it’s impossible to get a table or seat at the bar.

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Will report back in a couple weeks! Wish us luck. Sounds like another big storm brewing this week…

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We plan to be there 4/7-11. Fingers crossed.


I was in Mammoth last week. Depending on when you leave you could make it to Schatt’s for lunch although its very busy during prime times. Their had carved Turkey sandwiches are the way to go. Note that the sandwich bar closes at 3 and the bakery closes at 6. On the way back, usually hit Mahogany Meats for bacon and sandwiches. The line is much more reasonable then Schatts and a


we’re planning to head up 3/29…

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I think we’re planning to bail. We are supposed to drive up on Tuesday which is apparently when the next snowstorm hits. I don’t think it will be horrendous but I don’t really love skiing that much to find out…

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Oh shoot really? Where r u getting the info I am not seeing the storm. I grew up driving in snow of Michigan…

I checked I think you guys will be fine on the 29th! Snow is tuesday and then light snow on wed / thurs…

Great Basin Bakery Bishop

Worth the trip a block west of the 395 and much more soul than Schat’s.

Mahogany Smoked Meats for everything they sell. Bacon, Ham, and Jerky all can’t-miss.


Belated report back from Easter weekend in Mammoth:

  • McDonald’s (Mojave) - reliable as always. Prices have gone up though. No more $1 any size fountain beverages. Still some good deals if you order through the app.

  • Morrison’s - nothing groundbreaking, but we like it. Good burger and beef stroganoff, and my Mammoth companions are fans of the fish dishes, especially the trout when it’s available.

  • Canyon Lodge - chili and an Allagash White on the sun deck in 55’ weather. No complaints.

  • Vulcania - nicely redone space, with an inviting bar area (now in the middle of the room rather than along the side). Seems they were still working through some new restaurant service and supply chain issues, which resulted in the above and beyond gesture of two of our dishes being comped. I’ll go back for the margherita pizza and salads and to try some other dishes.


I got eColi from that McDonald’s in Mojave (20 years ago). Was hospitalized (in Mammoth) for days, ate it in Mojave, crawled into hospital 3 hours later upon arrival in Mammoth. Never let anyone eat there.

Canyon Lodge closed last week, it’s only open from Thanksgiving(ish) through the Sunday following Easter each year.