March 2019 Weekend Rundown

Hi @moonboy403,

Darn you! I had to look at those pics of Ruby BBQ before eating lunch. :smile: We love that place!

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Just went to a matinee showing of Captain Marvel at the Westwood Village theater and saw that Stan’s Donuts is closed for renovations 'cause they are replacing their donut fryer.

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Not recently. Why?

All this for some square pizza…

Did it say how long before opening?

The meyer lemon cream pie looks really good, so I looked up @SweetsbyJennyLee and I thought it said she’s located in NY.

Northern Cafe - So. Dang. Good.

Grilled beef tendon - Crispy exterior and gooey center. HOT DAMN! :heart_eyes:
@attran99 @Chowseeker1999 @robert @BlurA14 @PorkyBelly @A5KOBE @J_L @hungryhungryhippos

Dried beancurd, spiced pig ears and beef shank

Beef rolls - My favorite beef roll in the city

Stir-fried shredded pancake

Sweet and sour spare ribs - the only disappointment since it was overcooked

Korean style cold noodle

Spicy chicken with sliced noodle - Perfect Q from the hand sliced noodle and they soak in just enough of that delicious chili sauce/oil to make them delicious. Chicken is cooked very well which makes them moist and juicy.

Premier Dessert Art

Mango and Pomelo Sago - a classic HK dessert…this place butchered it

Bulgarini Gelato

Did I just have some fresh peach, Bosc pear, and roasted hazelnut? Or did I just have some gelato?

My only complaint is the portion. $10 for 3 flavors but I literally only got a little bit of each flavor? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Triple Beam

I can’t stop eating their apple hand pie…somebody. save. me.


Ah. I see. Jenny’s in LA. From around the block.

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Thanks @moonboy403. :slight_smile: Which Northern did you go to?

Monterey Park

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Green cream cheese is a thing. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



How does the stuff in the 2nd pic travel? I will be out in the SGV this afternoon…

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Dried beancurd, spiced pig ears and beef shank? They’re pre-made so they should keep and travel well.

I think @paranoidgarliclover meant the roasted pork?

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My March highlights so far:

Warning: Don’t look if you hate beef or pork

1 night popup at Bludso’s Bar and Que - oxtail curry and roast whole hog. Truly legendary stuff with Chef Kevin Bludso actually there overseeing. Oxtail curry was served quickly after ordering. Roast hog was a little over an hour late to the party after an ETA of 6p. Server kept telling us the chef said it wasn’t ready yet. Well worth the wait.

1st time at Sun Nong Dan. Top photo - Galbi Jim with no cheese. Bottom photo - Leftovers with gruyere cheese and egg.

Thought the Galbi Jim was on the slightly sweet side so it’s a good thing we didn’t order it with some kind of bland cheese. Would definitely go back, but will probably try another place to compare. Nothing like Seongbukdong’s trad version.

Clam Kalguksu noodle soup at Miari Noodle House. Chose this place because of grocery shopping next door at Olympic Galleria. $11.99 for the Clam noodle soup with banchan. Counted a dozen shells. Would get the clam soup again, loved the barley appetizer. Not a fan of the steamed dumplings (I prefer Chinese style juicy pork dumplings I guess).


That should keep quite well too. Make sure to leave holes in the plastic packagaing so skin will stay crisp. Gentliy reheat it in the oven to soften up the meat.


Only because I lack the verve to think of a better place to put this:
Anyone else notice that Northern Cafe is opening a second location in Westwood that will serve “Chinese Teppanyaki?”
Anyone know what “Chinese Teppanyaki” is?

Not Benihana, not by a long stretch. Teppanyaki in Yuanlin at an ubiquitous chain all over Taiwan. Fast food equivalent at street food prices.

Simple. No frills.

I’d probably go once in a while if there was one near home.

You’re most likely referring to a fancier venue.


Thank you!

Perhaps. It will be a new addition to a chain of restaurants and this one will be located in a college town. So maybe fancier, maybe not!
I’ll report back when they open if someone else doesn’t do it first.


It’s basically Japanese okonomiyaki techniques, but instead using Chinese ingredients and seasoning. From the same folks that brought you “Mongolian” BBQ… It’s popular in Taiwan.

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