Maximum distance you've driven for a meal?

thank you for sharing, those are great memories to have.


We drove from Biarritz. Although via Durango rather than inland route. About the same, though…


Thank you for sharing. In life all we take with us is memories. The correct choice is the one that will make the most memories


Asador Etxebarri is about that far from Biarritz, but that’s a different place.

We haven’t tried pizza in Brooklyn but the two places in New Haven were we good pizza, Frank Pepe and Sally’s, were OK but nothing special. And we had Frank Pepe also in Boston just to make sure that we hit them in a bad day but still quite unimpressed.
It’s interesting that Modernist Pizza pretty much rips New Haven pizza as overhyped and even though we don’t agree with several things they write in their different books but here they seems to be right.

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Good catch. Thanks. Sloppy googling on my part.

Some of my favorite restaurant memories are meals I’ve shared with family. I still remember my first “real” dinner (Camino, Oakland) and sharing that with my parents. I ordered a glass of wine and pretended it was a decision.

A busser at the no name restaurant I worked at would make fun of me because I couldn’t clear tables. I worked behind the bar so it wasn’t as big a deal like being on the floor. “You’re gonna come in early and I’ll teach you.” But I never did because I didn’t get what there was to teach.

Our server at Camino cleared the table after mains. Everything that didn’t matter, gone. Stacked up one arm with silverware on the anchor plate. I was like oh that’s how you clear a table.


I wish I made it to Camino before they closed.:disappointed_relieved:


Oh yeah Camino in Oakland was great. I managed to eat there on the last day.

The same ppl run The Kebabery…


I loved the food at Camino, but those church pews were really uncomfortable and the place was too loud.

I also tried Sally’s and wasn’t impressed.

I enjoyed Pepe’s clam pizza 18 years ago but didn’t feel it was worthy of national attention. I’d say the same thing about Pizzeria Bianco. The only pizza I’ve ever been passionate about is Cheeseboard in Berkeley, which I understand is a divisive choice, but I used to order from there once or twice a week.