May 2023 Rundown

Tested positive for covid on Friday night. Woke up early Friday for my flight to SFO. Grabbed some lunch in Chinatown to-go and took a nap. Woke up feeling like shit. Was in SF for business (that had to get canceled), got a rental and drove down to LAX. Now I am holed up in a OC hotel for a few days. At least this double tree cookie hit the spot for me. Any suggestions for delivery? I am by South Coast Plaza.

Saturday(Day 2) was the absolute worst just laid in bed sucking water and pedialyte. I feel great now. I feel even worse at the thought of the $$$ spent. Oh well. It could be worse.


I’m sorry to hear that. It’s still really rough. :frowning:

When I got sick, I just loved soups. There are several great Ramen places nearby. Also Mo Pho Mi in Costa Mesa, they do that Short rib pho thing.

For Comfort food, there is Pop Pie too. Especially if things dull your tastebuds, a nice savory pot pie really helps open things up again…


Back to Brothers Sushi. A la carte this time; a very different feel.

Smoked kanpachi (maybe the best bite on the night)

Hirame with garlic

Spicy tuna crispy rice, with kaluga and shiny stars for the ‘gram

Soft shell crab. Thought this was just ok; prefer preparations with more heavy seasoning bombs in the sauces like Little Sister used to do

One more just-ok dish was “fish and chips.” Again thought the batter and dipping sauce were a little underpowered.

Nigiri. Hirame, scallops, dry aged salmon, dry aged tuna

Hokkaido uni. They were out of Santa Barbara so oh well poor me :slight_smile: Another best bite candidate.


Laki Ramen off of Wilshire, across from Uovo, Kazunori, Hiho complex.
Female owned, mostly female staff Tori Paitan style ramen.

the broth was like a tonkotsu but made of chicken and it was white and pretty thick. There was some sweetness in it too. i got the chicken chashu instead of pork chashu, was cooked well and slightly pink when we first received it in the broth.

overall very good and i will be back.


Ouch. Sorry you’re not feeling well. DTF delivers, either through DD or Postmates.


So sorry to hear it! Hope it passes quickly.

I think Meiji Seimen delivers, and you’re potentially within range of Fountain Valley/some Westminster spots for pho. If you’re feeling better you may be able to get pizza and beer delivered from Riip…


Hope you feel better cough syrup and tons of water did the trick for me.


Yes! Advil Cold and Sinus was my savior! Regular cough and congestion medicine works on Covid symptoms and will allow you to rest which is most important!!!


What did you think of it? I tried it tonight. Too lazy to post pics right now, but I think it was complete respectable (and whoever the manager-type guy was seemed very nice). The “spicy” level of curry could’ve been much spicier, IMHO (I’d called it fairly mild). Nice fry on the katsu, and my katsu don (they don’t call it that) had the katsu separately packaged from the egg/onion/broth mixture (presumably to keep the katsu crispy). The argula was really random, though.

Off the top of my head, I thought the katsu don here was much more expensive than the one from Sawtelle Tempura House; however, I was reviewing how much I actually paid at Tempura House, and the price differential isn’t as big as I thought.

Not a destination place in the least, but a fine place to have nearby.


A Figueira Rubaiyat is a famous restaurant in São Paulo with a very old humongous tree in the middle of the patio with branches that extend all over the restaurant. The ceiling and wall is built around the tree. Beautiful seven level bar and an extensive wine wall focused mostly on Spanish and Latin American bottles.

The meat is the star at this place. I had a baby beef ribeye and it was glorious. Beefy, marbled and perfectly seasoned with just salt. It was one of the best restaurant steaks I’ve ever had. The sides were much different than your average steakhouse. Aubergine, salad with tomatoes/hearts of palm, farro with cheese and olives, some other type of root veggie I never heard of and a very good puffy crunchy potato that I don’t understand how they made. My Spanish is decent but Portuguese is a different beast. Had a hard time keeping up. It sounded more like Italian to me.


Negative ag test. Yay!

Went to the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at The Grand. Then went across the street to The Broad for more Jean-Michel. Checked out the new Academy Museum and stayed about an hour listening to some live music at LACMA.

Finally got to try Surawon. Alot better than BCD.
The banchan is not bad at all too.

Truedan. Sometimes I am in a mood for boba and I think this place is pretty damn good. They do the brown sugar boba thing with Straus milk. I added some taro into mine.


I (used to) be fairly decent w/ Spanish, too, and I had heard from native speakers that Italians and Spaniards can kind of understand each other. Not so for me when I visited Italy! They couldn’t understand me, and I couldn’t understand them! I will say that I have difficulty understanding those who have what I assume is a Castilian accent (ie., I understand people from Mexico much more easily than I do people from Spain or parts of South America).

At any rate, back to the food… Wish the steakhouses here would serve those kind of sides!


I once listened to some tourists in Rome for ten minutes before some word clued me to the fact that they were speaking Spanish rather than some funny Italian dialect. But usually I can’t understand a single Spanish sentence because too many words are unintelligible.

Niçois dialect and Catalan are close enough that they can get by pretty well.

Dalva e Dito is Alex Atala’s more casual restaurant serving traditional Brazilian fare. Fantastic flavors and some unique ingredients I don’t even know the names of. Every restaurant serves up pao de quejo. The best ones are always warm and fresh.

The roasted garlic and dip went well.

The octopus ceviche was bright, acidic, fresh with a nice hint of spice. Delicious. Some type of fried root vegetable and garlic sauce. It was fine.

The best black beans I’ve ever had. It didn’t hurt that they served it with a piece of chiccarone and the beans had a decent amount of pork.

Pato No Tucupi roasted duck with some type of Brazilian greens and rice. Reminded me of a southern dish with collard greens and pot liquor. The duck was great. Very small non hormone inflated U.S. sized ducks. The leg was really small but it was fine.

Other mains. Fried pork cutlets. A traditional meat and rice dish with egg on top (forgot the names of both dishes) and another traditional dish with rice and cassava.

The dessert was mango foam with coconut. Tastes just like mango. I’m generally not a big fan of foam but this actually tasted like something.


Brazilians eat a lot of collards. The starchy root was most likely cassava.

Azay. Hayashi Rice. Delicious but needs more sauce!

Go For Broke. Never Forget.


Pan Holic on Lincoln and Beach. Used to be Wok Holic. The ownership has changed hands a few times but for our money the best Korean Chinese in the OC. Small place with only 8 four tops and pretty much a wait if you go during lunch or dinner rush hour on the weekends. Mom n pop owned. Support small business.

Properly spicy jjampoong with half a crab, 3 head of shrimps, mussels, clam and squid rings.

The jjajiangmein is well seasoned but not a lot of meat. Good noodles for both dishes.

Well fried crunchy sweet n sour pork. Always sauce on the side.

Pan fried home made dumplings. Excellent crunch. Cut up with scissors to share and cool them off.

Garlic shrimp. Good sauce with a hint of heat from the jalapeños.

The only thing missing is kimchi.


They didn’t have it or you didn’t order it?

Some of the Chinese Korean restaurants only have the yellow pickles (Dan moo ji) and raw onion with the plum sauce. Sometimes you’ll get the fresh non fermented kimchi at these places. They did not have kimchi.