May 2023 Rundown

That’s some good eating!!!

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Taqueria Los Cholos - Huntington Park

Tried their new location on Pacific and Florence, very nice set up and not as crowded as the Anaheim location which is a clusterfuck, especially before Angel games.

The arrachera is much tastier than the standard carne asada, that along with the beef rib and tripas are my favorite meats.

But the real reason I am sharing is this papa loca, basically a grilled baked potato with Mexican cheese, cheddar cheese, buttery potato and your choice of meat. Top it off with some onions and cilantro and that dark red smokey and firey salsa from their salsa bar and add some fresh guacamole, and you have one amazing concoction that just works. They even get the cheddar cheese a little crispy and the bottom of the potato is charred from sitting on the grill. And for only a dollar you can add fresh guacamole, not really sure how they only charge a dollar for a good amount that is basically all avocado. I got the standard carne asada with the papa loca and now in hindsight, the arrachera would probably be even more incredible.

And don’t forget a beef rib taco, the bees knees.

I normally go to the Anaheim location but this location is much calmer so far, but I have a feeling it is going to get more and more crowded once the word gets out as they have only been open 3 weeks or so.


Handmade tortillas?

Edit: they said they are too busy for handmade tortillas.

Damn looks good! I’ve been wanting to give them a try since they got on my radar through that LA taco competition haven’t had the chance though.

The downtown Fullerton location is less crowded. There is also a new branch near the AR Mart on Orangethorpe and Brookhurst. We went to AR Mart the other day to grab groceries and Los Cholos was packed with line out the door.

The salsa bar is very good with a nice variety. Grilled meats are top notch. I do wish they made their own tortillas which would put everything over the top.

Have yet to try that baked potato but looks delicious.


For anyone who’s papas-curious but for whom HP/Anaheim is a hike, Angel’s also does them. They are pretty insane.


Desserts were good. I actually enjoyed the ricotta cheesecake more than I thought. The panna cotta had nice flavor but was a little soft.

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While it’s no Valley, there are at least 40-50 food and beverage places on Main St between Fremont and Mission. Some notable ones off the top of my head:
Yang’s Kitchen
Bay Cafe
Jiang Nan Spring
Chef G Thai
Delhi Belly
Sichuan Impression
Tony’s BBQ (Filipino)
Grill ‘Em All


Ahh I got wrapped up with work bleeding into the weekend, then caught a cold, and then traveled to SE Asia, so I actually haven’t made it to Katsu Bar yet. My friends ended up still going without me and said overall pretty good but nothing to write home about. One of them noted the same thing that the katsu don/set was a bit confusing with the arugula salad and they weren’t sure what was in the sauce. Their review didn’t exactly scream to me “you need to try it” so I haven’t prioritized it, but it’s still on my list!

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I missed this at the time, owing to the beginning of a protracted - and chaotic - move. Oh, I know how many places are on Main Street, I was just agreeing with JeetKuneBao that I had rarely eaten on Main. As impressive as that list of yours is, I think only one or two of those were around until the last five years or so. In my earlier years in the SGV, there were a lot of restaurants on Main, but not a lot going on…if you get my drift.