Memorial Day Trip Itinerary

Hey there!

I’m going to be going to LA for Memorial Day weekend, staying in Koreatown. I’ve got a couple things planned thus far but would love help with the rest. LA is so broad it’s hard for me to pin down where to go. Thus far we have:

Friday night: Bestia
Saturday night: Here’s Looking at You

I’d like to get one place for a Sunday midday feast (somewhere we can show up around 1-2 and stay till 5-6), preferably a place with seafood and oysters.

Other than that, I was thinking of checking out Gjusta for brunch and maybe Animal if we have time. If you guys have any brunch/ lunch/ creative cocktail places you recommend that would be awesome. We’ll probably also want to go to a taco truck or laid back Mexican restaurant so anywhere near me you recommend for that would be helpful too.

I love baked goods and would like to see if there are any great bakeries I should check out in the LA area that maybe won’t have a crazy line…

Thank you for any and all help you can give me! I know I’ve got a broad request, I’ve found it hard to narrow down the LA food scene.

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Since you’re interested in animal i would go there instead of HLAY.

Connie & Ted’s
Nobu malibu

Republique. Go early to avoid the crazy lines


Do you like Korean and Thai food?

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Hi @ebell,

Welcome to FTC! :slight_smile:

As @PorkyBelly said, definitely consider Animal for Saturday night dinner instead of HLAY, especially since you want to visit it (don’t miss out on the amazing Foie Gras Loco Moco).

Sunday Brunch? Gjusta is pretty amazing, but it has limited seating and isn’t a place you can hang for a few hours like you’re asking about.

I second @PorkyBelly’s rec for Connie & Ted’s, since you’re asking about a place with seafood & oysters, and Connie & Ted’s does it well. Here’s a post with some pics from a few visits we had if it helps - Connie & Ted’s.

But Nobu Malibu seems like a swell way to spend the afternoon as well. :slight_smile:

Bakeries: Republique, Sycamore Kitchen (on the same street!). If you just want to experience fantastic plain Croissants (and Almond Croissants) consider Chaumont.

Hope you enjoy L.A.!



  • prime rib butcher xtra horseradish (must order)
  • falafel sand
  • chicken parm
  • smoked salmon belly loaded bialy
  • fish plate
  • side of veggies
  • pastrami reuben
  • carrot cake
  • get a ticket when you first walk in, on the right next to the cold case

Connie and Teds

  • oysters
  • warm lobster roll
  • blondie
  • cocktails


  • lamb pizza
  • smoked trout salad


  • key lime pie
  • banana cream pie
  • berry tres leches


  • donuts
  • cold brew

Odys + Penelope

  • cocktails and desserts at the bar

Paper Bag Co

  • Larry Mantle (Italian sandwich)

Redbird for brunch and cocktails.

Smorgasburg for Sunday midfeast.

Bouchon for a nice bakery to visit.


Yes! 100%. I’m going to a Korean barbecue place (Hae Jang Chon) with my cousin during the portion of the trip where I make no food decisions. If there are any other places you recommend please let me know!

Ooh thank you this is so helpful!!

Salt’s Cure brunch is A+ (get the all star)

I’d hit Chi Spacca over Animal

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Nice thing about Smorgasburg is in addition to having a bunch of solid food options to choose from, there’s a beer garden and live music. Not a bad way to spend the mid-afternoon.

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my favorite baked good in Los Angeles is Martino’s teacakes. I know one’s in burbank.

It’s like butter and sugar had a baby and the The Grand Poobah of all creation blessed it.

And if you you go at an off hour, there’s usually little to no line.


do you like steak? I know a place…


This is all super helpful!

@skramzlife Salt’s Cure looks incredible, maybe will try to hit that Saturday morning (and then walk a ton to be able to handle Animal at night). Do you think you need reservations? Will be one or two of us.

@Chowseeker1999 (also at porkbelly but for some reason I can only @ two users in a post :frowning: ) I will definitely be checking out Republique on the Friday morning! And maybe Sycamore Kitchen too… And thank you so much for the Animal over HLAY rec. I’ve wanted to go to Animal for about 5 years, but my friend’s weren’t as intrigued. Now I have local recs I can convince em :). Plus I love sweetbreads!

Anything else you guys can think of?

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Hi @ebell,

No problem, glad to help. :slight_smile: In terms of additional recs, you mean along the same parameters you were looking for (in your first post)?

Or are there other cuisines / additional days you wanted ideas for? :slight_smile:

@Chowseeker1999 the problem is I’m really open. I’d love recs for some really great Mexican street food.

I’m coming from New York, so Chinese and Thai food I can generally get here. But Japanese is often pretty expensive here, so that could be good. I’m also open to whatever you guys this is great (see it’s an issue). I eat most things and am pretty adventurous.

BS Taqueria churros

Stan’s “Huell” peanut butter filled chocolate chip donut

Stella Barra cookie with rice krispy treat on top


Langer’s for a real pastrami sandwich with rye bread that doesn’t taste like cardboard




guerrilla tacos
ricky’s fish tacos


Hi @ebell,

Ah I see! OK, some ideas…

Mexican Street Food:

  • Al Pastor Tacos: Leo’s Tacos (only in the evenings when you see the Trompo (the vertical BBQ spit) out and cooking. (During slow hours, they just cook meat on the flattop grill so it’s not as good.).

1515 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

  • Amazing Carnitas (10 different types!): Villa Moreliana (at Grand Central Market).

317 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

  • Creative / Gourmet (Delicious) Tacos Elevated: Guerilla Tacos Truck (varies by day see their website):

The best Lamb and Goat Tacos we’ve had are in a very casual setting (think, pop-up kitchen inside of an auto shop only on Sat and Sun) which might be too hard to find, so maybe next time. :slight_smile:

Lots of other places for great tacos in the Taco Thread:

For Japanese, you might consider:

  • Aburiya Raku: Our favorite Izakaya in the city. Top quality ingredients and execution, fantastic Sake list as well. So good! :slight_smile: Pics and thoughts here.

  • Mori Sushi: Arguably the best Sushi in the city, ask to sit in front of Chef-Owner Maru-san for omakase and enjoy. :slight_smile: Pics and thoughts here.

  • Shunji: Perhaps more variety and also quite enjoyable for Sushi, ask to sit in front of Shunji-san for a great omakase experience. Pics and thoughts.

  • Inaba: Affordable, excellent Tempura specialist. There is a Tempura Bar (like a Sushi Bar) and you can sit and order by the piece and they will fresh fry it for you per order! :slight_smile: Don’t miss out on the Handmade Soba Noodles as well. Pics and thoughts.

  • Kagura: If you love Tonkatsu (Deep Fried Pork Cutlets) and Chicken Katsu (Cutlets), Kagura might be for you. Specialist in all things Katsu. :slight_smile: Pics and thoughts.

Hope this helps!