Menya Musashi Niten Ichiryu: A Pictorial Essay

Hi @ogawak,

Thanks. Well it’s $19.50 + tax & tip for the Tsukemen (regular size). Large size is $20.50 + tax & tip. So either version you’ll end up at about $25 - $26.

Definitely give their Ramen a try next time and see what you think. :slight_smile:

For the hot water add, Tsujita does that as well (have been since they opened). :wink:

Thanks for the explanation. Always appreciate your work.
Re: hot water, I guess I’ve never seen it at the annex. I guess I should have clarified that I’ve mostly eaten at the Annex.

Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Yah I think it’s more manageable if you get the stripped down version of their Tsukemen or Ramen.

The good news for the Japanese Curry lovers out there is that their Housemade Curry Bowls are much cheaper (only $5 (S) / $8 (L) + tax & tip). :slight_smile:

Overall, we liked the restaurant, and for Japanese Curry, their Tonkotsu-Gyokai Ramen (Soup Noodles) it’s probably the best in the area. Their Tsukemen I think is great if you like less fatty / porky, and are OK with the raised prices.

Huge thanks again to @J_L for the recommendation! :slight_smile:

Hi @ogawak,

Oh yah, only at Tsujita (main store) and The Tsujita (Glendale). Thanks. :slight_smile:

Onegashimasu. Dou itashimashite.

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Last time I was at Uniqlo SM (about a week ago) they still had a selection of the ramen shirts FWIW


Trying to eat light yesterday in preparation for the Rogue Experience tonight I popped into this place for a bowl of Tsukemen and a small katsu curry don.

I think the noodles are perhaps slightly better at Tsujita, a bit firmer (just my personal preference). However, overall, I enjoyed myself here because of their crunchy garlic chili chips and the additional fireball paste you can order to mix into your broth. The combination allows you to add a decent amount of heat to your meal, which is something I often find myself craving more of when eating at Tsujita. The pork belly was pretty good, about as good as at Tusjita to my lackluster tastebuds. The pork katsu was great to my tastebuds, kind of make me think of German schnitzel personally. I haven’t eaten much katsu, but photos of the stuff usually look a lot thicker at places like Kagura? I thought the thin, crispy pork slices were great at dipping into my extra-rich and spicy Tsukemen broth.

However, the curry is a serious winner. Obviously the secret is out, but that stuff is so good that I can see myself returning often and not even bothering with noodles. That could be one of the best curries I’ve ever eaten! And it goes awesome with the crispy pork imo. It doesn’t even need the spicy garlic chips (but they’re fun to add)!

The real thing that will make me return here is the simple ability to use modern payment methods, though.

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Curry noted. Daughter is a curryholic. Thanks for the tip!

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Hold crap that curry is amazing and 5 bucks for a small curry katsu don bowl is one of the best bangs for the buck in town.

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Agree that the katsu curry don is pretty choice. Tried it this past weekend and had a grand ole time.

But first, a Kimukatsu amuse bouche…


Would it be impolite to go the Menya and just order the $5 curry don? Honestly, by itself it would make a fantastic quick meal.

Although the photo from Kimukatsu makes me wonder how that curry would taste on the rather more voluptuous piece me fried pork.

The Kimkatsu ramen is damn fine too.

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I concur. You hipped my to their ramen and I really like it. Tonkotsu, to be sure, but not over-rich.

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Menya was a big swing and a miss for me.

I really did not like the noodles at Menya Musashi mine arrived soggy with now chew or taste to speak of. After I had consumed half the bowl I discovered there was a large pool of noodle water at the bottom of my bowl which really didn’t make me super excited.

The tsukemen broth while better than tsujita was way too salty and heavy for me. I did order the “rich” but that was what was recommended by the waiter.

The highlight was definitely their spicy garlic paste condiment, that was delicious and I thought the katsu curry was quite nice.

At a price point of approximately 20 dollars after tax for a bowl of tsukemen it’s a hard pass.

Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

Thanks for the report back. Unfortunate to hear their Tsukemen is worse than the grand opening, but glad to hear your experience with their Curry Bowl was tasty like ours was during Grand Opening. :slight_smile:

With @CiaoBob and @President_Mochi also enjoying it, it sounded like they’re at least consistent with that. :slight_smile:

Hopefully they improve their noodle offering, or well just go there for their House made Curry.

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Went in at 5:30 today and got a small Katsu curry by itself, it was pretty damn tasty… better than i had recently in tokyo tbh


Any intel on wait times, weekend lunch?

1:30 last Sunday - no wait for 2


Thank you!!!

4pm yesterday, half of patio was available and no one was at the counter.

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