Mexican in Pasadena?

Sad and brilliant all at the same time! Now I’m curious as to some of the other inoffensive names lol

Beef satay is BBQ beef on a stick. Pad se ew is noodles with beef and broccoli. Also lots of turning things into sandwiches. Gyro pita is a meatloaf sandwich. Taco is an open faced sandwich. Bo luc lac is steak cubes in sauce. Zataar is vegan pizza bread, if they’re more adventurous and want to try vegan food.

Most of it though is knowing what to pick for the person who wants their food plain and dry. A lot of it is also how the food looks, like they might like the taste fine but they can’t get over how it looks.


Yeah, BJs, Yard House, Cheesecake Factory. Those are all around Pasadena and have the more generic American dishes of burgers, pizzas and salad.

Sorry, but going to Cheesecake Factory or the Yard House is basically just giving up and saying life isn’t worth living.

How’s the food at:

Lucky Baldwin’s
Congregation Ale House
White Horse Tavern
The Greyhound (Highland Park)

All of these places have burgers/salads and probably more-than-decent beverages without me having to resort to a crappy chain.


I think a good bet is the recommendation upthread for La Grande Orange. Did you look into that option? Lucky Baldwin’s is not salad-friendly from my experience (heavy Brit fair). Only went to Congregation Ale House once and it did not leave an impression. No experience with the last two on your list.

There is a Houston’s in Pasadena. Some of the Hillstone locations let you make reservations.

Settebello pizza might work for you.

I’ve been to lucky baldwins a few times. The food is good for a bar but it’s more of a bar. Good tap list and beers. Can’t speak to the drinks themselves.


Agreed about Cheesecake Factory and YardHouse, but in my experience with trying to herd a large group of co-workers with a variety of dietary/cuisine preferences, you (the generic you) end up catering to the pickiest/most restrictive person and wind up eating a not-so-great meal. shrug

Greyhound is fine, but can get pretty busy. Doesn’t look like they do reservations though.


She thinks LGO is too expensive! My original suggestion (Hippo) which I thought was mass-appeal Italian, has lots of veg and meat dishes, and is (to me) moderately priced, was also shot down as too expensive and with too many items she had to Google.

Everyone else in the group isn’t picky, just her. But since I’m hosting the seminar, and she’s the presenter, I have to cater to her.


Obviously, you and I might have different taste, but I think some stuff at Cheesecake is decent enough (I’ve only heard of Yard House). Is it chowish? Of course not. But I never say no to the avocado rolls there… With such an extensive menu, there might be something that you actually enjoy, even if you don’t love it.


Houston’s like @OCSteve stated. The food is damn good, service excellent, and plenty of salads and a fine classic burger and good drinks. I really like their food, and their lemonade, only wish they improved their french fry game.

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Starting to look like she’s not the only one.


Houston’s is as expensive as LGO.

Yard House has a number of vegan/Gardein options.

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Congregation has solid food and a good beer list with lots of space. Should work for you

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Thanks, that’s super helpful!