More Dunsmoor!

I’ve been half a dozen times now and am so impressed because they truly get better and better. We started with the Crudo and it was refreshing and delicious not overdressed great fish perfect. We had the Soft shell crab, which someone I saw already posted about because it’s probably the best soft shell crab I’ve had outside of Louisiana. Not overly battered, simply prepared a little spice excellent.we shared the whole grilled trout with fresh herbs that was out of this world. Lots of tarragon and parsley and mint, and the fish was grilled perfection in that hot oven. Also try the asparagus with the egg on top which was a great side to the fish… We sat inside at the chef’s counter, which was really fun, but if I had to see them prepare one more burger to be taken back to the bar because they don’t serve it on the restaurant side, I was going to hop over and steal one. I have to have that burger! And I’m not an even a burger person! ?! Really loved trying different wines and bought a couple I’ve never heard of. The som is fantastic. I’m forgetting her name and price is reasonable for a very eclectic and thoughtful mix. Sorry no pics.


I love Dunsmoor. Rachel probably helped you with wine.