Much Ado About Nothing--Tim Ho Wan In Irvine

Chicago is definitely getting much better in that alot of non-Cantonese food is starting to open and many of the buildouts are starting to look like they have mainland money.

On Cam-the-Chow-Offspring’s suggestion, Minghin, in the Loop. Way better than I expected in such a “gringo” setting.

OK. Not as shocking as it might initially seem. Minghin is a fairly decent dim sum restaurant based in Chicago Chinatown, and good authentic Chinese food in downtown financial district corridors is not unheard of as (1) non-Chinese diners in big cities become more sophisticated and (2) Chinese Americans have a greater presence in these downtown locales. Best example is downtown San Francisco with excellent venues like Yank Sing, Hakkasan and M.Y. China, supported by a good mixture of Chinese and non-Chinese clientele. There’s also Hakkasan, Da Dong, La Chine and a few others in Midtown Manhattan. Not as apparent in Los Angeles, though Li Orient unsuccessfully had tried serving authentic Chinese breakfast and Sichuan food, and Peking Tavern is still around.

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Brad Johnson’s OC Register review…not as scathing as I was thinking, but well in line with what others have said.