New bakery in Mid City LA

The folks from Michelina have taken over the old La Maison Du Pain space on Pico.


Not familiar w/ Michaelina. How did it taste? :slight_smile:

The bagel sandwich was great. The imported french orange juice, not so much. The whole thing was $23 w/tax & tip $$$$

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that’s good news… hope their baguettes are better than the one i got at the grove couple weeks ago from Michelina… was too chewy without enough flavor… the ones they sell at Le Butcher are far superior

Is this the bakery that old owners had run in with law ?


That’s makes about as much sense as imported Russian Salad


It’s as absurd as “imported” Italian pasta, I suppose … #Uovo

… and what about imported fermented French grape juice?

Hey, come to think of it, I myself am often imported, too!

Often but not always??? :wink:

Only when I come back through the Tom Bradley Terminal. Or occasionally Santa Monica Airport. :slight_smile:

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