Nizza La Bella (specifically) and the cost of eating out / restaurants surviving (generally)

I’m usually there for Sunday brunch, and it’s been mostly fine. They’re never crowded, and you can spread out with your newspapers and listen to jazz while eating.

They’ve had the problem with dry hamburgers for some time now, perfectly pink inside but dry. The secret to the pizza is to ask for the crust to be well-cooked.

I think their head chef isn’t working every night now, and she rarely works the weekend brunches, so this could be a training or experience problem. I’d write a polite note to the owner.

And restaurant inflation has really hit big, with high ingredients costs and the new minimum wage policies. Bucci used to have their lunch pizzas priced at about half the dinner prices, but they’re the same now (I don’t know if they’ve closed down yet). Everything seems to be about 20% more expensive than just a couple of years ago.

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