Northeast Los Angeles eats

The people have spoken I will visit Bub and Grandmas and Armons for breakfast and lunch respectively. Thank you. As well as coffee at Kumquat.

Wait a minute Bub and Grandmas are doing breakfast sandwiches on Kaiser rolls? Like NYC delis? I am on that.

Armons sounds cool. Hungry Fox also has some Thai stuff. Various diners I been to in LA, OC, and SF have some Korean stuff like bulgogi and rice.

Golden Diner in NYC has a pan Asian influences and was one of my favorite restaurants. Lots of diners in NJ/NY have Greek stuff and Greek influences. Who knew feta would go good with scrambles?

What’s the move at Bub and Grandmas?


I did the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back to back, back in the day! One of the greatest movie experiences ever!!!

Return of the King is one of my personal GOATs. The character Aragorn is quite possibly the finest example of masculinity on film. The humble warrior-poet becomes the noble king. No lie I cried when he bowed down to the hobbits.

So far off topic oh well.

My proudest triple bang ever.


Hahaha legendary endurance. My Lord of the Rings story is I saw the second one without having seen the first or read the books and that was uh a long couple hours haha.

BTW at Bub’s I’d do the chorizo brekkie sandwich. I do think it is on a made in house kaiser roll! And then maybe whatever donut you fancy, though I tend to like the inherently tart flavors. Yuzu, pomegranate, etc. I admittedly still need to do the toast with anchovies.

Shame on myself that I haven’t tried Armon’s yet. Thank you @Srsly for the rec I’ll right that wrong smh.


Anything cool to get at Galco’s? Soda? Snacks? Toys? Etc. What a cool shop. Rocky Marciano (undefeated heavyweight boxer!) once visited and had a epic sandwich. Saw the Huell Howser episode back in the day.

Going to pick up some birch beer for a East coast friend


Their hoagies are pretty good! Not fancy or anything and idk how authentic but I have a friend from Philly who says it’s as close as you can get in the area.

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Chilaquiles stand in front of the Target near Eagle Rock x York.

Tamales stand at the gas station at said intersection.

Bub and Grandma’s chorizo (Spanish) egg and cheese on Kaiser roll.

This is pretty good. Folded eggs with cheese in the fold are a must for breakfast sandwiches imo. Obviously the roll is great. While I appreciate the use of Spanish chorizo I thought I would have preferred a few pieces of crispy bacon with some ketchup LOL. The chorizo fyi is just specks in the egg not really a sizeable piece of protein.


Not like I’m ever in NE LA, but that’s good to know. I think one of the textural joys of a sausage (incl chorizo) is the chew, which you don’t get w/ just specks…


Seems like you already went but if you go back I would suggest trying to talk to the owner himself for recommendations. His product knowledge is bonkers, especially for history and geography of the sodas so if you want to match it to a place you’ve been he’d be great for that


Damn!!! There is a Churro guy at night! Need to keep an eye out for the Chilaquilles!!

And I dunno what happened but all the food vendors at the Cypress Home Depot are gone! The Home Depot seemed to put up caution tape all in that area. :weary:


I forget if we count Atwater as NELA but damn holy basil is good, that shrimp ceviche is killer


Bob Baker was spectacular. What a gem. You can’t leave there without a lighter heart. A beacon of wonder and joy in LA.

Galco! Wow. What an incredible store. I picked up some birch beer and root beer. I got a small sandwich as a snack

Not mind blowing but @$8 can’t complain. Plus the owner and staff are so nice.

Armon’s. Got the special with Thai style egg. Won’t wow the critics but it hits on a comfort level. Counter seating :heart_eyes:

Didn’t try the lattes at Kumquat but had a nice pour over from La Cabra. There was a 10 min wait. I’ll try the New England next because I love maple syrup.


“A small sandwich as a snack…” Dude that thing is a lunch portion! Ahaha what a move!

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Holy Basil in Atwater. Grandma’s Fish and Rice. Lots of different flavors and textures. I appreciate it but not something I see myself craving as much as krapow which is GOAT’ed.

Dune, Proof, Tacos Villa Corona, Jackknife Records, Alias Books, Secret Headquarters, Wanderlust……which reminds me they got Taiwanese pineapple cake, and durian egg tart flavors for New Years! Super easy block(s) to go to multiple places.


Any love for Ichijiku? Solid neighborhood sushi place, known for its hand rolls.

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Where are yall going for fish tacos these days? Sunny weekend afternoons make me dearly miss Ricky’s. Have found a bunch of ok places but nothing that really stands out. Maybe El Faro? I only ever get lobina and aguachile there.

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I wanna try Simon and Playita for fish tacos in Silver Lake


Simon is really really good, tho like El Faro it’s hard to stay away from aguachile and other more modern/creative/interesting tacos. Also sunset junction is kind of a hike/parking sucks haha. Not really a fan of Playita personally, think it’s adequate but not better than that.

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The only fish tacos that I’ve had that even compare to Rickys was the fish taco lady at PCH night market, but I don’t know if she still shows up, she had been hit and miss in the past.

While here, we’ve been making due with La Playita on Broadway. their Shrimp is better than their fish. Their crispy shrimp tacos are better than their baja style.

I haven’t tried the Fish tacos at Correas…. But that is on my list. Also I will likely hit up Chela’s Fish Tacos who is popping up at Benny’s Boys Anniversary Event on March 30th.

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Gang, anybody been to Spina in Atwater yet? Hour line tonight, woof. So now I’m braving what I’m hoping is a 30 minute line at Holy Basil

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Correa’s is a good call! I like their mariscos Jalisco-style shrimp tacos a lot, should try the Baja ones. Ceviches are pretty solid too imo.