November 2017 Weekend Rundown

Thanks. Their concept for brunch is similar to dim sum/state bird provisions where you don’t order off a menu, you just wait around until servers come to your table with a tray of food, if you like what you see they give you a portion and stamp your “emoji” menu. The only thing you can order a la carte are scrambled eggs.

The concept works for dim sum because the steam carts keep the food warm and at SBP the revolving food are typically room temperature items. At 189, if you’re not sitting near the kitchen, when the food finally arrives to your table the hot items like the ham, biscuit, fried oyster and fried chicken are no longer hot.

Other than the temperature issue the food was fine, with the highlight being the DKA, perfectly crisp, flaky, and caramelized while still being moist in the middle. One of my favorite kouign amanns along with arsicault’s and b. patisserie’s.

I was there opening weekend so i’m willing to give 189 another try in the future if only to eat the DKA, but right now i’d still prefer getting a hot foie gras biscuit up the street at animal for brunch.

P.S. the bakery doesn’t open until Friday so i wasn’t able to try any of their desserts.


Why can’t all tandoori be this flavorful?


Night and Market Song (Dinner)

Pork “Toro”/Neck. Damn good, sweet and fatty neck then you dip it in that salty-tangy dip! What a bite! You are going to want to get your own!

Bangkok Mall Pasta. This was a huge surprise. Very flavorful with the garlic, Thai basil, peppercorns, and chiles. Also tasted some soy and anchovy.

Jungle Curry, no coconut milk in this curry to mellow it out just your plate of rice and perhaps some Thai tea ($4.50!!!).

Burmese Curry, smelled so good when it hit the table and tasted great with a hint of sweetness.

Solid visit I must say!


So glad you enjoyed it! I believe there are a few mosques nearby, so there are indeed lots of regulars.

Right? BTW, heads up for @nemroz, I believe they use mesquite in the tandoor.

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Chi spacca

veal tongue, oregano vinaigrette
Like french kissing elsie the cow.


porcini rubbed beef short ribs salsa verde, scallion
Surprisingly bland and tough

beef and bone marrow pie, beef cheek, cippolini, funghi



Ichimi-Ann Bamboo Garden

Yuzu oroshi soba. Yuzu peel, yuzukosho, and lots of daikon oroshi made this bowl of cold noodles very refreshing.

Shiki Beverly Hills

Ankimodofu. I’ve had tamagodofu, kanidofu, and gomadofu, but never ankimodofu. It was quite nice - clean, with the ankimo essence.

Otsumami plate: shirako in dashi, zuwaigani wrapped in pickled daikon with sumiso sauce, nibitashi vegetables, kanpachi no nanbanzuke, edamame, and persimmon gelee. Lots of textures here - creamy, crunchy, silky, snappy, crispy. Favorites were the snow crab and the nanbanzuke which had just the right pitch.
Otsukuri plate: ohtoro, mirugai, madai no konbujime, aori-ika, saba. Great stuff.

Abalone with mushrooms and mitsuba in ankake sauce. Great slippery and chewy textures - my favorites were the enoki with the abalone and the refreshing mitsuba.

madai no konbujime (kelp-marinated bream)

sayori (“needlefish”)

modorigatsuo (bonito)

kohada (gizzard shad)

kanburi (winter mature yellowtail)

akamizuke (marinated lean bluefin tuna)

aji (horse mackerel)

kinmedai no aburi (seared golden-eye snapper)

ebi with ebi oboro underneath (shrimp, from Mexican Gulf, with dried ground shrimp)

otoro (fatty bluefin tuna)

nodoguro no aburi (seared “blackthroat” sea perch)

ikura (fresh salmon roe)

uni (sea urchin gonads)

saba (mackerel)
anago shirayaki (saltwater eel)

anago with nitsume and pickled kelp (saltwater eel)

kanpyo maki (pickled gourd roll)

torotaku maki (fatty tuna mixed with pickled daikon roll)

warabi mochi with vanilla ice cream and fruit

Corner Beef Noodle House

Great rec, everyone. Big pieces of tendon, good beef, powerful soup, and nice noodles.

Tamaen Japanese BBQ

This is out in Lomita but they’re one of the very few to serve genuine Kobe. Well worth the drive.


Wagyu nigiri

Iberico “Secreto” cut

Grill heating up
This was awesome with wasabi and beer.

Wagyu ribeye, A5 from Miyazaki.

American grown “wagyu-style” beef tongue. We liked the cubed version even better for its thickness.
Heart with miso pepper sauce. Fun texture.

28-day Dry-aged wagyu chateaubriand, A5 from Kobe. This had a distinct cheesiness to it, like some charcuterie. We undercooked it a touch at first, for fear of ruining it, but I preferred it medium.

compared to Yazawa - Yazawa’s “noharayaki”-style ribeye is still the stunner when it comes to beef in LA, but Tamaen is more relaxed, and the Iberico “Secreto” cut and the thick cut tongue were awesome. If you’re in the South Bay, this is a great choice. The Kobe chateaubriand was unique; I can think of some nice wine pairings with it but I usually stick with beer when eating yakiniku.


Goat taco and barbacoa de borrego from El Borrego in Lawndale. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Aqui es Texcoco or the other popular lamb barbacoa places in LA, but the food is still pretty tasty. The lamb consommé is nice and hearty and perfect for these cool nights.



Another great 24/7 place. Wow, Sun Nong Dan has a wait on a weekday night. I think it is a young Chinese tourist destination.

Banchan is very good. That beef is tasty, that has got to be extra for more.


#5 on the menu, Cow and Ox Foot Soup. That is a plate of tendons! Tendons are soft and cooked to perfection, a little dunk in that sauce, and it is quite a tasty bite.

Service was meh.

Yai’s (Hollywood Blvd location)

Crispy Pork and Chinese Broccoli. I think they have the best in LA. I love the lime-garlic-chile sauce that comes with it. No one does this dish better than Yai’s imho.

Seafood Curry. Everything was cooked really well. Kinda reminds me of a family member who would cook seafood in parchment or foil and it would always come out moist.

Really friendly service here. Spoke with the owner I think, she actually is from Isaan and also operates Latcha Somtom down the street. Wait wut, hasn’t Yai’s been around for almost 30 years?

Was encourage to come back and try the chicken krapow with soft shell crabs and the pad Thai. Yup the Pad Thai, I guess they make it different from others. Will have to Google search this.

Edit: Khon Kaen style Pad Thai (city in Isaan)


Went to Homestate. Unfortunately was a big let down. I never say this because I suck at cooking, but this felt like something I could make. Very overcooked eggs. Unmelted shredded cheese. Cut up avocado. Basic tasting chorizo. All in an…ok flour tortilla, certainly not close to what one gets at Loqui in terms of tortilla. Once I doused it with the salsas, it was good (how could it not be), but really it felt like a bunch of supermarket ingredients, nothing more.

Aww that is disappointing because my breakfast tacos were perfectly cooked.

Granted I think it’s been close to a year since I last went. The salsas are great!

Which one did you get? I have long been a skeptic of Tex Mex flavors in general, so maybe it’s just my taste. I far prefer the burritos at cofax for an early morning American-Mexican stomach anvil

I’ve been making some absolutely killer breakfast tacos with tortillas from Loqui. I buy them by the dozen and freeze. Was shocked to learn they’re vegan.

The toast under my game hen at Hatchet Hall last night.

That is not a char, that is an overheated grill burning the hell out of the bread. The chicken itself was rubbery, meat, skin and all. The mushrooms didn’t taste of mushrooms, just a lot salt and an acrid burnt flavor picked up from the bread. No sauce.

What a disaster. Th bartender took it off the bill, not because I said anything, but because it took almost an hour to get the food, and he probably noticed I barely touched it. That is good service! One of the reasons I like this place. He also makes a mean pisco sour with a real egg, which he broke in front of me. It was an excellent drink.

I still heart Hatchet Hall, but I’m sticking to my usual: chopped steak, veg, spoonbread, and other non-grilled food.

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No one in my family likes Thanksgiving food and nobody felt like cooking anything, so we ordered from Al Watan.
Lamb biriyani, seekh kebab, chicken chargha, lamb korma (hiding under the biriyani), and some homemade Sri Lankan Malay pickle (dates, red onions, chilis, etc.).

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!



Bottom bun was soggy and mealy.

Otherwise great flavor, reminds me of Big Mac and McD’s Cheeseburger if they had a baby. (Not a bad thing because I love beef, cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup all together).

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This was very good!!

Better than Vito’s and Lamonica for NYC style, but not better than Grimaldi’s.


The Magic Castle

academy beef wellington - beef tenderloin, liver and truffle pâté, and wild mushroom duxelles in puff pastry with roasted garlic whipped potatoes, and seasonal vegetables

Tough, uninspired, and insipid. David Copperfield couldn’t make this edible. If you’re required to eat at the magic castle order the cheapest thing on the menu and get out of the dining room as fast as you can. No pictures #courtroomsketch


Cook at Magic Castle kitchen:
“Watch me turn this pair of Gene Krupa’s drumsticks, the gardener’s hat and a used handkerchief from Karl Malden into Beef Wellington and the sides!”


You can eat snacks at the bar. The bartender makes a mean Newcastle.

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Hope you got to get in the close up magic room. Always a favorite! As bad as it is, still better than the chinese joint next door :wink:

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