November 2023 Rundown

Did the quick Ferndell>Observatory and noticed the baked goods and donuts at Trails Cafe. Looks pretty good! Anyone tried?

Better than it needs to be but not as good as it looks. reasonable QPR.


I am here at Quarter Sheets and there is a line just like Courage. What a time to be eating in LA a line for pizza and bagels! LOL. Did a hike at Griffith and a walk around Echo Park to build an appetite. The latter not a good idea because the Santana winds are blowing brain eating amoebas on me, the hipsters, and the foo’s.


Their Japanese Neapolitan has matcha, sakura (Japanese cherry blossom), and Hokkaido milk ice creams. I’ll keep an eye out for this place.


Rare as they are, they are usually found much more in ponds or lakes. Anyhoo, we have meds for that.


One of their best flavors for sure.

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Chaumont (Beverly Hills)

Dropped by since I was in the neighborhood. Grabbed regulars, chocolate and the last of the banana almond chocolate, almond chocolate and almond croissants of the day.

I sent off all the flavored to my parents. I’m a regular croissant person…a good one really needs no adornment. Last I heard, Mom had a regular croissant and an almond croissant for her dinner that night.

Since I had Lou last week, a comparison at this time is more feasible. Chaumont has a more pronounced butter taste than Lou, The French on the Block in Burbank. Lou’s is a little bigger than Chaumont. Both warmed in the toaster oven are quite excellent and cheaper than a plane ticket to France.

Magnolia Bakery (West Hollywood)

My companion wanted to stop in for their seasonal apple crisp pudding. So instead of bananas in their pudding mixture, they throw in an house made apple pie filling. It’s pretty tasty, so if you want to try something different or maybe you don’t like bananas…this one’s for you.

Joan’s on Third (West Hollywood)

Grabbed a Chinese Chicken Salad to go and a slice of carrot cake. That box was surprisingly heavy…and I guess it should be if it’s $15.50 for a fully packed box of lettuce, fried chicken pieces, wonton strips, fried rice noodles, slivered & toasted almonds and dressing. It was pretty nice. Dressing was orange-ginger-sesame mix that has a nice ginger hit.

The carrot cake is probably one of the best I’ve had in recent memory. Nice dense and moist cake with plenty of carrots and some raisins…bonus is it does not have coconut in the batter. It’s frosted with a lovely cream cheese frosting. Balanced, tasty, this cake was pleasant and satiated my carrot cake craving.

Winston Pie (West Hollywood)

Picked up a mini pumpkin pie for the chowpup. Pumpkin is his favorite and he did love Winston’s version. It’s got a graham/gingersnap crumb crust with a nice pumpkin custard. I’m taking him for this word since he consumed it while I wasn’t around to taste a bite.

The cherry pie is also a winner. I don’t usually go for cherry pie, but if you offered me a slice of this, I wouldn’t turn you down. Flaky and buttery double crust with plenty of morello-colored cherries packed inside. They were just the right amount of sweet and tart.

Daybird (Silver Lake)

I feel dumb for not realizing how close Daybird is to All Day Baby. I would have swung by had I known all this time.

No Sergio in the house. She must be off getting ready to cook T-Day for Oprah.

We got the Taiwanese popcorn chicken sandwich, the hot cod, a no spice and a medium tender.

That popcorn chicken sandwich really did taste like popcorn chicken…and I adore popcorn chicken. This chicken is super crispy and juicy and just perfect. Why did it take me so long to come here? It’s probably the most complex chicken sandwich I’ve ever had with the flavors you get from the chicken, fresh acidic slaw and Martin’s bun.

The hot cod sandwich is what the filet o’ fish wants to grow up to become. I loved the spices on the crispy fried cod, and the bite where the moisture from the fish leaked out was insane. My only complaint was that the fish outshined the American cheese and the aioli that’s also in the sandwich. I tasted the spiced fish more than anything else. In that moment, I was actually glad I didn’t do the Astrea add-on because if I didn’t taste the standard aioli, what hope would I have had to enjoy the caviar?

Had to try the tenders since we wanted to know what the regular chicken spice mix tasted like. There’s a fair amount of batter on the tender and I think the tender has been pounded out a touch. No spice tender was great, but the batter to chicken ratio was probably too high for me. The medium tender was delightful…loved the tingle and numbing feeling. Batter to chicken ratio was also high here.

Liked the peach ginger tea…but it was more ginger than peach. The milk tea was really great.

Gonna have to come back and bring the chowpups. They’d really love the chicken here.

And I love that parking was readily available at 2:30PM on Friday.


I went to Bag of cakes too. The cruffins were great. Their style was very cute and felt like the bakery was maybe owned or influenced by Korean.


Note: this was an after Holbox snack so just ordered the two pastas and dessert.
I liked Mona in DTLA tonight. It was pretty empty which made for a nice dining experience. I wouldn’t mind having a pasta spot of this level that I could spontaneously hit up.


I feel like that’s the standard price (or even on the cheaper side) for a entree salad at a “nice” (however you want to define that) eatery. :frowning:


True. It was still pretty heavy. I was really surprised when I picked it up from the refrigerated case/shelf. Definitely felt heavier than the 3 lb. weights I’ve used before at the gym.


Went to the Myeongdong Kyoja main store, located in Myeongdong to try out their limited menu of just three dishes, with a fourth seasonal that is already out of season. Their speciality is kalguksu and the soup base is comprised heavily of carmelized onions, which is unusual. Also, their house kimchi is absolutely stuffed with garlic, which also helps to season the soup even more.

Their service is lightning quick and the server brought out our food within minutes of ordering and sitting down. My wife and her parents also really enjoyed the onion soup base although the noodles themselves were a little too soft.


Al pastor from a trompa on Santa Monica on the north side of the street near Bundy. Flavor pretty good though had some gristle.


I’ve been wondering about those other set ups. Is this one near the crepe guy?

Anybody ever been to Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle? They are popping up a few times down in LA/OC/SD. $50 minimum. I’ve heard of them before and it looks good. Wondering if its worth the time, money and effort.


I’ve been to the Seattle location.

It’s amusing and they are pretty tasty. It’s been a while so I can remember what exactly I enjoyed. But I’d only do it if you love things like kolaches or are in the neighborhood. Not sure I’d go out of the way for it.

It is something that your chowpups may like since most kids enjoy “pizza pocket”-like things. I do remember liking the dough and how they are baked.

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Kinda on my way home from work but not sure I need like 8-10 of these piroshky.

its decent but not worth going out of your way. I would save it for if you ever end up in Seattle and want something touristy to eat for fun.


Los Chingones chilaquiles (red and green) with carnitas mixtas :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Make it surf n turf with Mariscos Jaliscos down the street with some tacos de camaron :heart_eyes:


I’ve done the pop up here in LA in the past. They are all frozen and you have prep on your own. It’s fine if you like these. Honestly I would rather get a fresh mini calzone from Whole Foods or a Bolillo Relleno from a local panaderia.