NYC Trip proper restaurant attire

Grease cups are life. Not sure it’s worth the 30 minute wait but that’s a great slice of pizza. Amazing pepperoni.

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Prince st?

Yes. Prince St was great. Prince St was the longest wait in NYC except for getting a ticket for the Vessel at Hudson Yards. Tickets are free for the Vessel but you need to sign up at the kiosk. Wait was about 3 hours.

The best gelato I’ve had outside of Italy. Il Labaratorio del Gelato. Sorry for the wonky pictures. Not sure why they are flipped around like that. Loved the peanut butter, lemon sorbet, salted caramel and black sesame. Went two nights in a row. Kids were begging to go back as soon as we woke up this morning.


where ?

Ooh the honey lavender there is my absolute favorite. And if you’re in the general little italy area, Mo Gelato is also an excellent gelateria. I highly recommend getting these two flavors: frutti di bosco (four fruits) and fior di latte. Perfectly complementary and their frutti di bosco is the best I’ve had!

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Il Labaratorio de Gelato. I could have sworn I put the name in the review. Must be losing it.

Thanks - that’s very helpful as we are also currently in Manhattan

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To be accurate: Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

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Have you checked out for their wacky flavors? i.e. Durian Banana

Oof I tried their durian banana once and it just tasted like gasoline :frowning: to be fair I’ve never had fresh durian before so I’m not used to the taste but to me it was rather unpleasant. Perhaps a more durian experienced person would enjoy it more?

I tried the creme brulee and another flavor and it was just ok. I prefer the gelaterias or ample hills personally. If you have time, try to visit one of the ample hills scoop shops and try the “corn to run” flavor! It’s a july only flavor and I really loved it. I have a pint sitting at home :slight_smile:

Fastest way to get up the durian learning curve - get a box of Musang King durians from the frozen section of Chinatown Supermarket of Manhattan. Best to thaw and consume in a wide open space. It is an acquired taste…

Morgenstern is not the smoothest ice cream however I do enjoy exploring their various flavors. I find ample hills has too much going on texturally. Don’t like too many solids in my ice-cream - although I’m a sucker for any corny sweets .

@js76wisco, Any chance this gelato shop is across the street from Katz’s?

It is indeed! The perfect after-katz dessert.

DiPalo’s Fine Foods on Mott and Grand in Chinatown. The whole area on the weekends is crazy. I don’t know if there are more people along the sidewalks selling fruit or hawking fake LV bags off laminated plastic pamphlets with pictures of every available luxury knock off bag. Wild stuff.

Anyway DiPalo’s has been recently featured on some shows and a NYT article a few years back. DiPalo’s is an old school deli. A relic. Love these types of old school joints that feel like nothing’s changed in decades. I even heard a mom say to one of their kids look at that ring. She was pointing to a cash register. The one where you had to like push circular metal buttons to ring up customers.

The $10 sub is filled with meats. They have both boars heads and mostly imported meats from Italy. Go with the imported stuff. Duh. The bread was typical NY roll which is better than most everything in LA. A great meal for the plane ride. Didn’t get anything else but they have an abundant selection of cheeses, pre made salads, frozen and hand made pastas, ravilois, sausages, etc… A real treat and a place I would frequent if I lived on the LES.

Very much doubt that you saw any fake handbag traffic on Mott or Grand Street. Canal, maybe,

There were several people on Mott St north of Canal hawking fake handbags on both sides of the street. There were many more on Canal St. There were a bunch on both Canal and Lafayette on Friday when we walked past Glossier to go to the subway.

Feel free to go next weekend to verify for yourself. I know what I saw but thanks for your useles comments.

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I’d just hate for some tourist to read your post and think she can score a Proda bag and some Ferrara’s cannoli all on the same block.

I’m not 100% site what your point is but you can get a canoli at Ferrara or a sandwich at DiPalo and LITERALLY walk 1.5 blocks and find multiple hawkers selling fake bags. Are these guys right outside the storefront? No but if you’re a tourist 1.5 blocks is pretty much right outside the storefront. Go to Chinatown and little Italy next week and check for yourself. I’m happy to give you my wife’s email address if you want to ask her.

BTW shorts with a nice polo are acceptable at most restaurants. We saw many other diners wearing similar or even less formal outfits (t-shirts) at every place we ate during our trip.
Peter Lugers
ABC Kitchen
Pearl Oyster Bar

If you want to go walk up the Vessel at Hudson Yards plan ahead. You have to make a free reservation. There is a long waiting list. Our assigned time was 3+ hours after signing in at the kiosk in front of the Vessel. Book ahead