October 2016 Weekend Rundown

Ditto @MaladyNelson. Hope you’re feeling better.

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Aren’t their sandwiches and accompaniments so artfully presented, @paranoidgarliclover, and I thought their heirloom tomato sandwich was particularly appealing. I’d love to hear your opinion of their lunch offerings. Your dessert with the black sesame cake looked smashing.

Also many thanks to you and @TheCookie for your well wishes. Thankfully, I’m feeling better now.

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Long time, first time. Finally got around to trying this burger, and it’s a great burger. People know that. Now I do too. Also had a bite of the tuna melt, which wasn’t half bad. Love that curry ketchup!

426 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Because who doesn’t want going to a place where boba tea takes 15 minutes to prepare and each table is occupied by people more interested in instagraming their drink next to their Yeezy’s/Neon Polaroid than, uh, drinking it? (I didn’t actually get one but the sips I had of the House Coffee Milk Tea were pretty tasty!)

523 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048


The line was nil, and so we struck. I tried a taste the Dracula’s Blood Pudding (featured earlier in this thread by @PorkyBelly). Pleasantly surprised! I kind of got a cinnamon-y note? Definitely worth a spoonful.

1357 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291


Still an awesome pizza night.

tomato conserva / mozzarella / calabrian chili / kale

picture taken from their instagram

11918 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


Nice weekend! I keep forgetting about Lodge pizza night. Guess I’ll add them to my Twitter or Instagram or calendar or something. :slight_smile:


Tasty… and funny. The pizza looks delicious.

Come for the food stay because you can’t leave the bathroom :fire: :poop:

Fish Kua Gling with sator beans. This was awesome, funky, spicy and crispy, even better than the spare ribs

papaya salad with crispy pork belly. great balance of sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and crunchy

crying tiger :cry: :tiger:

moo ping :pig:

pad thai

panang curry with chicken :chicken:

fried rice with chinese sausage



You should! It’s pretty dang great. On top of the pizza being awesome, there’s a really good neighborhood feel. Everyone is in good spirits on pizza night at Lodge Bread.

Mannn. I’m drooling.

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most importantly, how was the pad thai?




the noodles were cooked perfectly and it was on the sweet side which i liked. If you don’t like it sweet i would ask them to go light on the sugar.

Cooked for all of the in-laws and outlaws this weekend, 11 total. Smoked 3 racks of baby backs and grilled a few tri tips. I don’t always see eye-to-eye with my MIL, but whenever we invite them over the first questions is “Is Steve cooking the meat?”, and all is right with the world… until I open that ninth bottle of wine and pour “one more” for my FIL. For the fourth time. Sorry for not posting pics, but my hands were full with BBQ tongs… and wine.

Did date night on Thursday (that’s almost the weekend, right?). Oysters at Shuck, and we were able to walk in to counter seats at Taco Maria. Chef Roland was at the helm, and it was excellent as always. I almost forgive him for selling his market in Placentia. I still haven’t found flour tortillas as good as his.


Looks yummy… and spicy. I almost got the pink drink. How was it?

What’s the first pic (the drink)?

Curiously, I find it very easy to leave the bathroom since it all comes out so quickly after some Thai food… ::running and ducking::

@wienermobile: exactly how big is that plate of chili-cheese pastrami fries??? Partner’s mother just had the chili cheese fries w/ her 16 yr old grandson and says she felt like she didn’t need to eat for a week… :wink:

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My guess is it could easily feed six or an entire cub scout troop…


it’s a standard cardboard 4 cup to go container with a piece of paper on it, a mountain of fries, cheese, chili, and pastrami.

Takes 2-3 strong willed (and stoned) college students, or 4 normal people to take down. Alternatively, 1 PorkyBelly.


[quote=“paranoidgarliclover, post:136, topic:4358”]
it all comes out so quickly after some food… ::running and ducking::
[/quote]Omitting the Thai food part, you just described our new kitten, including the running and ducking afterward.


It’s listed on the menu as “pink milk”, tasted like a floral strawberry milk. Does great to soothe the burn and doubles as my fruit for the day #pinkisafruit


Thanks Homer

Breaking the fast at Yang Chow’s with a side of Bay Cities…


Quiche Loraine

Buttery, flaky crust and tender, barely cooked eggs. I was pleasantly surprised.

If only they hadn’t kept trying to clear the table while we were still eating. Try to remember you’re pretending to be a French restaurant, let us enjoy our petite dejeuner in a leisurely manner, please.

La Dijonaise
Helms Bakery District
8704 Washington Blvd., Culver City, 90232