Of Macau Egg Tarts, Hong Kong Tofu Flower and Black Sesame Puree!

My hotel concierge has an “in” with GGB …

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Hi @beefnoguy,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Yah the website works pretty well now (Is GG open? site). :wink: It was just that first time that we had no idea and just stared at a locked up storefront. :frowning:

But I think the issue is just that since we don’t live in SF, we’re not planning our trip around Golden Gate Bakery, so it was just bad luck the last 4 times we were in town, they were closed. :sweat_smile: Oh well. Next time maybe.

OK, tell the truth: They cook Egg Tarts for you on demand right? :wink: :grin: Lucky! :cry:

Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks! :slight_smile: Yah, we knew to try the Egg Tarts, but for the other few items, we figured it was safer just to ask the manager what the specialties / best pastries might be and see if that worked (it did). :wink:

Definitely try the Natas ones heated up if you get a chance, they really make a difference. :slight_smile: And thanks for your earlier review, that got me to finally make the drive to try it.

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No, thank you. You did them justice.

Actually Mrs. Chandavkl and I both are scratching our heads as to why the lines at Golden Gate Bakery remain so long years after the original chef died several years ago and took the recipe with him. The current version seems more like a Western custard pie than an egg tart. If there is a secret to getting the tarts at Golden Gate Bakery, it’s to get there when they open. I have a routine in SF where I go to work downtown but stay in Chinatown and do a mile walking commute every morning, passing Golden Gate Bakery. For the longest time, I would pass the bakery, and not seeing any line, assume that the egg tarts weren’t ready yet. However, as it turns out, as long as they are open, they have egg tarts.

We were in Lisbon a couple of months ago and had the Belem natas. Indescribably delicious.


I’ve only managed to catch GGB open for business on my 4th visit to them (and that’s because they had posted a note on the door as to when they would reopen when I was there on my 3rd visit). Many times there would be signs stating that they’re on vacation or what not. I think the word of mouth and the Yelp reviews about how hard it was for some to get them possibly made them more desirous. I’ve had friends who have posted on FB their failed attempts at getting some of their egg custard tarts.

Once I’ve had them, and although I enjoyed them, I don’t feel the need to rush back the next time I’m in SF.

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I’ve been going there now for something like 15 years now. And just personally I prefer the newer version of the tart to the original ones. Maybe I’m hopeless but each time I go I think the tarts are better than before. Must be the meth in them. Not that I would turn down a version from 20 years ago, of course.


Hi @foodshutterbug,

Thanks! :slight_smile: Glad to know you also like Jim’s and Natas.

Thanks for the recommendation for the pasteis de bacalhau, that sounds awesome. :slight_smile:

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Jim’s :heart_eyes:


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I’m not sure if it’s mentioned in this thread but the Black Sesame Puree is Saturday and Sunday only!!

At least I got some Portuguese egg tarts from Jim’s.


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Oh sorry! We’ve only been able to make it out there during weekends, so even though we’ve been to VP Tofu like 5 times, they were always on the weekend. :sweat_smile: I’ll update my OP to mention that. Thanks.

Did you get any Tofu Flower at VP Tofu? Or just the Egg Tarts at Jim’s? How were they? :slight_smile:

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Finally I made it!!

Way better than at Phoenix, which is very sandy.

Just perfect. Funny how Black Sesame flavor is kinda of a thing now…


My favorite, just hit them a month ago after a long hiatus.


So glad you liked it @JeetKuneBao! :slight_smile:

Now it’s time for @paranoidgarliclover to finally try the Black Sesame Puree as well! :smile:

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I know, seriously, every time I’m in the SGV (which isn’t often), I think to myself, “Do I have time to get to V P Tofu today???” One day, I swear!!!

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Just tried VP’s black sesame soup. The viscosity is off…way too thick like a paste…I suspect that they didn’t wanna spend a lot of time making them so they put a lot of rice flour to thicken it up

Hi @moonboy403,

Wow, what time did you get this at? I wonder if it’s toward the end of the day? The last 4 times we’ve gotten it (usually brunch time) it’s never been “paste”-like at all. Maybe end of the batch (bottom of the pot)? Bummer though.

Possibly…since it was around 4 but looking at @JeetKuneBao and your pics, they look really gloopy too. A good black sesame dessert soup should be very smooth and luscious.