Of Tasting Menus and tasting menus

I missed that Ron Siegel had his own place. I’ll have to get there while he’s still a la carte. Or maybe he doesn’t want two stars.

I was really pissed back in the day when he was doing his Battle Lobster-winning Iron Chef menu at Charles Nob Hill and I had to miss it because I was unemployed.

Except that both Providence and Spago offered ALC when they had 2 stars. :thinking:

Yeah, tasting menus are out. I can think of about 10 things I would spend $500 on and a meal ain’t it.

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No restaurant without a tasting menu has gotten two stars in the SF guide.

That’s why I suggested Californios at $225/person pre t&t. Still a huge splurge but well worth it IMO since it’s so far removed from what I can get anywhere else.


I wasn’t even into fine dining and what not at the time of that episode, but I do recall seeing bits of that Iron Chef Battle show well before Food Network hacked it to bits with their cheeseball dubbing years later.

This was around the time of when Masa (now gone, former and probably first major Japanese French chef in town well before Keiko), Fleur De Lys, Gary Danko, Tommy Toys (gone), Boulevard, La Folie (still one of the greats), and a few others were considered avante garde for their time.

Ron Siegel… after Ritz Carlton The Dining Room, I can’t remember where he went, but friends have told me the restaurant where he was prior to MadCap was just ok, although it wasn’t his restaurant. Now with MadCap and within his full control and ownership, he is truly back in his element. It’s refreshing to see this chef from back in the day, execute such high quality dining (and a very reasonable priced tasting menu at $88) and still showing his passions, plus he looks more relaxed and happy, also in his environment (I believe he lives in the area, not in SF).

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After the Ritz he was at Michael Mina for a few years and then Rancho Nicasio.

The Dining Room at Ritz under Ron Siegel was my first fine dining experience in SF. I was very interested to check out the gaijin who beat Hiroyuki Sakai and also cause the TFL was impossible to get ressies at that time. I had the Salt & Pepper tasting menu which I recollect as being very good.

Plating & presentation still looks respectable today Pekoe Peony Prattles: The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton, SF

I think SingleThread has evolved and improved since the OP’s visit. Truly one of the most refined dining experiences in the United States right now. Every dish is really carefully thought of showcasing beautiful ingredients and technique but the flavor is always the most important thing.

My picks for fine dining are SingleThread and Benu–perhaps I enjoy Asian flavors, but damn, both are not like anything you’ve had before. Also TFL for the experience (once is enough, though). A little more under the radar, also love Maum and Birdsong (I think both will be seeing more Michelin stars). I WOULD NOT recommend Quince (really boring meal).

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Oddly, that’s my favorite out of the ones I mentioned but I would agree that it’s not the most creative nor technically challenging menu around.

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That’s from 2006, when Siegel was still there. The hotel closed the Dining Room in 2011 and replaced it with the more casual Parallel 37.

Glad to see Marin with something. I’ve considered it a wasteland for a long, long time. And hated it when one of our daughters and her family moved from the Mission to Corte Madera.

You and me, girl. You and me. Like an airline ticket. Art. Etc.

Really good S.F. Tasting Menu intel, Y’all. You broke it down @beefnoguy!

If we were flying in for a swanky, romantic weekend then yes - nice hotel, a show, fancy dinner, you get it. This trip started as a “Let’s get out of the house. Out of L.A. Away from the pets (shhh… they don’t know yet). How about a road trip doing road trip things? And maybe a nice, kush, dinner or two. How about San Francisco? We can stop along the way at blankety, blank. Okay, it’s on!”

P.S. It was the comments on the Atelier Crenn thread - not Saison - that did it for me.

P.S.S. I must do Providence when we get back, @PorkyBelly! I mean, come on. That’s almost as ridiculous as not going to Republique for years.

P.S.S.S (are you allowed to p.s.s.s.?) For those asking about my food tastes? I like it all, but seafood is my first love… and my sweetheart (who also likes it all) goes for beef and Italian.


Actually it’s “PPS” :slight_smile:


i’m surprised you haven’t been to providence given your love for seafood and connie & ted’s. yeah, you should correct that. don’t forget they also do lunch every friday.


If you live in LA and you like food and if you can afford it, Providence is a must.


…and I think Chef Cimarusti is a New Englander! WTH? I think what happened is when they first opened it was above my pay grade. Kinda’ like an “Oh sigh… one day.” Then when I could go and looked at the menu I couldn’t wrap my New England mind around that kind of minimal, seafood tasting experience. Now I’ve been omakase’d and love it. So it’s time.

And yes, I remember @President_Mochi, one of my personal heros when it comes to living well and not breaking the bank, had a wonderful tasting menu lunch there for First Lady Mochi’s birthday. Yep, we’re doin’ it.


It’s a must especially if you’re a seafood lover. I’ve been trying to go at least once a year since 2011 but didn’t get a chance to go last year. I’m looking to redeem myself in the coming months.

Do I hear a Providence chef’s table meet? :crazy_face: @TheCookie @Hungrydrunk @PorkyBelly


Let’s do it!