Ohshima Japanese Cuisine

It’s buri

Kaori was good - similar level of sushi to what we’ve had at Ohshima. The guys at OC Weekly put Kaori at #5 of top dishes in the OC this year.
We sat at sushi bar on Friday night at 7pm but they don’t do omakaze on Friday nights, which is kind of weird. The place was pretty much packed with people waiting when we got up to leave.

The fish itself was good. Our only complaints were that the rice seemed to be over dressed with vinegar to the point it detracted from the taste of the fish. We started ordering sashimi after the first few orders of sushi and were much happier. The fish itself was very cold. I think it was a little too cold.

We had a fantastic special of sea urchin pasta using al dente udon, quail egg and Japanese spices. It was the best version of any uni pasta we’ve had from any Japanese or Italian place. The flavors melded quite nicely and the udon noodles paired very well with uni.


Here is a picture of the uni udon dish


This place still rules.