Orleans and York

shrimp po’boy is great
Gumbo Mambo is better than I thought it would be, but not something I think I will ever want to eat again.

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For your first time, start with the shrimp. I’d avoid the spicy potato salad.

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Definitely shrimp! I made the mistake of getting Big Mo’s favorite, shrimp and hot link, my first time. Shrimp was so much better than the hot link.

and most people seem to lean more on the Orleans side of the menu.

The Big Mo’s was a wildly disappointing sandwich, given how much I heard about the place. I’ll try the shrimp at some point, but as of now, I’ll take Little Jewel any day over this place.

Tell me more about Little Jewel. Maybe I’ll go there instead. :slight_smile:

Little Jewel’s shrimp po boy has the shrimp fried in a cornmeal crust. Orleans and York’s (Florence east of La Brea) are a bit larger and fried in a batter coating. And while Little Jewel provides a variety of hot sauces on the tables, Orleans and York has a homemade hot sauce that is amazing.


For my tastes, Little Jewel’s bread is far better and that has a pretty big impact on the comparison.

Plus Little Jewel got the french fry poboy.

I do like the shrimp at O & P though.

Make sure to grab (or two or three) bags of the Zapp’s Cajun Dill Gator-Tators Kettle Potato Chips.

Everything else there is sort meh.

As others have noted, get the shrimp po boy if this is your first visit to Orleans & York. It’s not super authentic or anything – go to Little Jewel for that – but it’s still an excellent sandwich. They fry their shrimp better than most places, including Little Jewel imo.

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How is Orleans & York not authentic? Because it uses a batter instead of dry coating of cornmeal? Domilise’s in New Orleans, one of the most famous po-boy places in New Orleans, uses a batter for its seafood.

Except for the bread - Little Jewel uses Leidenheimer’s which is far superior to what Orleans & York uses - Little Jewel is less authentic to me. The coating often has too much seasoning, whereas most New Orleans po-boy places lightly season their coating or batter - and they use cabbage for the po-boys. I lived in New Orleans for three years; I’ve never had a single po-boy in New Orleans that had cabbage instead of shredded lettuce when “dressed.”

I stand corrected! Truthfully, I’m not a big po boy guy, so I’m just echoing what friends have claimed about the authenticity or lack thereof. I probably should have said, “I’m not sure if it’s authentic or not, but either way, it’s an excellent sandwich with consistently well fried shrimp.” Better?

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No worries. Just trying to clarify a couple of things.

And, I agree with you. Orleans & York does a much better job frying their shrimp than Little Jewel based on the few times I’ve gone to both.


yes! But I also say go for the spicy voodoo.

Agreed! I have stopped getting the shrimp as a po boy and instead ordering the shrimp basket. The shrimp have been perfectly cooked each time and you can’t beat the QPR.

The catfish is quite tasty too.

Make sure you get PLENTY of that crack sauce… Dear Lord is that good!


They also do a nice job pan-frying the shrimp.

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Still love them. They have expanded their menu and sometimes those new things are inconsistent. But essentially I either get the shrimp or catfish Po’Boy (or on those rare occassions a Miss Rachel), a cup of pickles and a Honest Tea and I’m a happy camper.

The thing is, you HAVE to eat it there. Their bread is still wonderful, but best when eaten right away. It can get a little chewy if allowed to set.

Finally, the family continues to expand. They just opened up a location in El Segundo on Main Street… going after Rinaldi’s



I went and all I can say is I wasn’t impressed. I got the shrimp po boy and it was OK, but I guess I am not a po boy kinda girl. After eating it I noticed what looked like some sauce in the bag I was supposed to have put on it? Maybe that would have helped. It was cooked fine but it wasn’t anything I would go back for. Also, got the Italian sub. It was awful. TOO SALTY, I ended up tossing it out. I also got Sharon’s peach cobbler that they sell by the register and it was pretty good. My sister makes a better one, but it was definitely better than most of the ones I’ve bought in stores. I would go back for that.

Like I said up above, the only thing worth getting there is the Zapp’s chips. Everything else is sort of meh.


I should have listened.