Orsa & Winston

Went for dinner last night and was a bit disappointed their alc menu was nothing like what they have on their website. I went specifically for their “japanese breakfast” that they’ve been teasing on their instagram, but sadly it wasn’t on the menu. All was not lost though because they were still serving their fantastic satsuki okayu.

a5 miyazaki wagyu over koshihikari rice
Super thin slice of wagyu over seasoned rice.

satsuki okayu - santa barbara uni, hokkaido scallops, geoduck, abalone, koshihikari rice
Holy shit this was the best okayu-not-okayu I’ve ever had. It was pretty much a japanese risotto that was thick, creamy, flavorful, and cooked perfectly so you can still taste each individual grain of rice. The uni was cold and refreshing, the scallops, geoduck, and abalone were tender with just a bit of char from the griddle. This was a huge portion and filled me up enough that i could only order one more dish. Best dish of the night.

foie gras torchon, huckleberry, brioche
The foie was smooth and creamy and paired great with the toasted buttery brioche.