Paninoteca Maggio + Hopper and Burr

Sandwiches are still excellent. Love the crunch on the outside and have yet to encounter a bad sandwich. We also enjoyed the arancini and chopped salad. Great texture on the arancini with gooey melty cheese center. The red sauce with the arancini was nice as well. Dressing on the chopped salad nicely complemented the mixture of lettuces, cheese, peppers and other stuff.

Coffee at Hopper and Burr was outstanding. One of the best cappuccinos I’ve had. Coffee was delicious but the milk put it over the top. Was almost the texture of whipped cream vs foam. Great addition to the area.


What sandwich at Paninoteca? I thought the porchetta was just average nut I am willing to try another sandwich. Then they closed or relocated or went food truck or whatever and then they appear again.

Any suggestions?

The porchetta isn’t great. I don’t like when porchetta is chopped up and its always better when crisped skin is inserted into the proceedings. Mozza porchetta sandwich is great and I heard Scarpetta has a good version but never had.

The milano (cold cuts) and chicken with pesto are my favorites.

If you take away or eat several minutes after its been heated up the quality of the sandwich does tend to go downhill. Best eaten at the restaurant right away.

I was not a fan of Scarpetta’s, especially the egg which I thought ruined it for me.

Thanks for the recs though, I’ll have to try one of those next time.

Try the chicken parm.

EDIT: Oops, I just realized I was thinking of the Paninoteca that’s part of Scarpetta. Sorry for any confusion.

The meatball sub is good.
Ever since they moved, I make an effort to stop by whenever I have to be in the area.

FYI - Painotecca Maggio closed.
Didn’t provide much detail on FB page or if they would re-open elsewhere.
This plus the loss of some good places in 4th St Market are putting a damper in the Santa Ana lunch scene.

This is depressing news.