Papilles: of foie and baby cows

Was Chef Tim Carey cooking that night? I’m curious who’s manning the kitchen now as they usually run a pretty lean kitchen staff. From my times there, it was always just chef Tim and one other cook.

I don’t think so. I actually don’t have a good idea of who the chef is/looks like, so I didn’t really take note. It seemed like there were like 3 people cooking, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention. I sort of assumed the chef wouldn’t be there after what you said, but wanted to try it anyway.

I believe Chef Jordan Rosas was cooking, as from the few pics I can find, he looks like the guy that was directing the others in the kitchen. And this article says he took over Papilles:

I guess that means it’s basically a different restaurant than it was last year?

ah ok, that’s good intel. Thanks.

Domaine LA has nice yellow wines. I just bought one by Bovin from Loire. Do it.

Tim moved on to Lost at Sea. I haven’t visited Papilles since that happened (nor Lost at Sea). But I would not shy away personally as I have come to really trust the owner.

The lardons should always be warm and crisp. The heat and fat are meant to melt into the acidic vinaigrette, and to soften the frisée.

I would have sent it back.

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didn’t mean to. i’d make a trip out to st. anselm from manhattan again in a heartbeat.
the no reservations policy makes it hard to go with a big group, though.

Great report. Looks good.
Quick - and Free - French Lesson:
Duck a l’Orange is has an apostrophe because the “a” of “la” is dropped when the word that follows begins with a vowel, or vowel sound, to make the conjugation (which sounds so much more beautiful than “Duck a la Orange” would sound).
Duck a la Creamsicle gets no conjugation and no apostrophe.

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sadly, the recipe for Duck a la Banana died with gareth.

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Good stuff @CiaoBob. Thanks.

Delicious reports peeps. This is so my kind of food!

Ah that’s pretty bad then. I thought it was unusual from past frisee I’ve had but figured it was a style choice of some sort. The food comes consistently close to room temperature in every dish at Papilles.

I guess the sous vide egg made up for the poor lardons though, it’s amazing what those things can fix hah

A fair enough, much appreciated!

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I had that Kabaj the other night, big standout in a flight of three orange wines.

“Orange” wines are made from white grapes that are fermented with their skins on, as is traditional for red wines, instead of fermenting the juice, which is traditional for white wines.

Most of them are also made with other “natural” techniques, such as using only native yeast and little or no SO2.

Vin jaune is like fino sherry. I love some of those wines, but they’re expensive compared with similar sherry.

Closest thing I have had to a decent Duck a l’orange in LA is NOT one.
It is the Long Island Duck at Warszawa (now called Solidarity but the menu is the same).
It is a very similar prep but less citrusy - as apple proves the fruity counterpoint.
It was a fine duck before the make-over and name switcheroo - I have not been since.

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Is Solidarity actually good in terms of Polish food? Pierogis for example?

One of these days I really should go there…