Paradise Dynasty In South Coast Plaza - More Than Just Xiao Long Bao

Saw the heads up about Singapore’s Paradise Dynasty opening up over a couple of months ago, but with South Coast Plaza not exactly in my normal geographic territory I didn’t have an opportunity to stop by until today. Their slogan is “Legend Of Xiao Long Bao”, and while the XLB is excellent, what caught me unaware was how good the rest of their menu was.

I don’t think you will ever get a consensus on the best XLB around simply because different diners look for different things. Some diners prefer thin skins, some prefer thick, and no restaurant will do it both ways. Similarly some people prefer lots of soup, others more moderate. Two things I will say about Paradise Dynasty’s black truffle XLB is that I have never had a more flavorful XLB, nor one with so much truffle flavor, and I’ve never had juicier XLB.

Another signature dish is the radish pastry. The early bird gets the worm as this sells out early in the day. Interesting how the traditional heavy turnip/radish cake dim sum has been turned into such a light and delicate dish.

The prawn and Kurobuta pork dumpling in chili vinaigrette may be the best spicy won ton you’ll find anywhere.

Personally my favorite dish was this scrambled egg white with fish and dried scallop, topped by an egg yolk which is then mixed into the dish. Never seen anything quite like this before.

Yes, this is sweet and sour fish, and you can get it anywhere. But not like this. Excellent batter, but that’s not unique. What distinguishes this dish is the fact that while there’s the crunchy exterior, the fish is soft and juicy. I have no idea how they pull that off. Oh, and there’s a touch of plum in the sweet and sour sauce.

Another best in class dish is the pork chop fried rice. Again not an uncommon dish, but again how do they make the pork so soft and juicy? You can order the pork chop as a separate stand alone dish.

Paradise Dynasty is proud of their dessert creations, and rightly so. This is their red bean glutinous rice roll with peanut topping.

A number of their less photogenic offerings were just as good. I was wondering whether I was being swept up in the moment with some jackpot dishes arriving early, but having heard about the mob scenes since they’ve opened and seeing some of it in person, that validates my assessment.


Paradise Dynasty has a liquor license now.

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And the drinks are quite good. David R. Chan on Instagram: "Paradise Dynasty in Costa Mesa now has good specialty drinks. Left to right, Singapore Sling, their original Sentosa Mimosa (champagne, orange juice and dragon fruit juice) and pear mule."


Through the end of October, Paradise Dynasty is offering a special chili crab xiao long bao. Not yet been in to try that special, but am intrigued.


Looks great. Tastes great. David R. Chan on Instagram: "Something new under the sun is the Singapore chili crab xiaolongbao at Paradise Dynasty in Costa Mesa. They’ve taken Singapore’s national dish and distilled it into an XLB and wow! Available through at least the end of October."


That scrambled egg white, fish and dried scallop dish with black vinegar is one of my favorites at any Shanghainese restaurant. I don’t recall the Chinese name, something like Sai Pang Xie, but the Pang Xie = crab and I believe Sai = fake because the dish is supposed to emulate crab. Usually served with steamed buns. It is an incredible comfort food! Savory, aromatic, delicate and slightly sweet with the punch of good black vinegar. Something vaguely reminiscent of crab, but not exactly.

Now you’re bringing back memories. But if you google Sai Pang Xie, you get lots of hits on the origins for this dish and recipes!

Side note: I can’t believe I know about a dish that the great @chandavkl doesn’t :slight_smile:


This should be on your tombstone. Many many decades away from today obviously.

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LOL. Yes, hopefully many decades away :slight_smile: And, all in good fun, but I view Dave as such a repository of knowledge, at first I thought I misread his post and then was like, wow, I know what this dish is! But, he is right that it is a fantastic dish when executed well.

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