Pearl River Deli - Chinatown

I believe that they’re different breeds. Hong Kong uses mostly yellow feathered chicken which are slimmer with more bouncy flesh…and yes…more intense chicken flavor…possibly because it takes longer to raise them to market size. You can get these at the nearby Chinese poultry shops.


Sorry for the chili sauce! Don’t know how my staff missed that.

We actually do get something similar to Asian chickens, many of the Asian poultry places sell brown Indian chickens which is native to Mexico and somewhat similar to Asian chickens but not exactly the same. I don’t use them because they tend to be less tender, have less meat, and costs more.


Hehehe no worries, boss.

BTW I’m sure you already know this, but what little leftover scallion oil I had after devouring the chicken made for excellent wok lining in making fried rice…


When you have PDR HCR but you run out of rice because you were a glutton…

Voila! One of the best chicken soups you will ever have. I had one HCR chicken breast, leftover greens, broth, and sauces with a sprinkling of crispy fried shallots. Dip chicken into leftover sweet soy optional. Leftover pickled vegetables on the side for crunch and brightness.


It’s even better if you have some leftover rice. Real old school Asian vibes eating rice in soup.



So glad I was able to score the Hainan Chicken this week. I had a been a huge fan of Chef’s @JLee’s Hainan Chicken from those Chinatown nights years back and really enjoyed my plate of BBQ from when he was testing out the PRD concept at the Food Bowl…

I have to say that from those years ago… the result is so much better!

The chicken was very silky and the sauces top notich. I did find the rice a little salty, but it was a great accompaniment to the broth, which I enjoyed even more than the Reisling opened to go with. I loved the Char Siu as well, especially the egg noodles. These thing bouncy egg noodles are my favorite and really brought me back to those old days when Canto places ruled the SGV.

We got the Mapo Tofu sauce to go and will be having that later this week… looking forward to trying even more and perhaps also snagging one of the egg tarts.



Thanks! Much appreciated that you’ve given me a chance over the years and I’m quite relieved to hear I’m headed in the right direction.


gai yang


Also doing nam prik noom and mango sticky rice


Gai Yang now available on Tock.

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Thank you almost forgot. :raised_hands:t5:

I was ordering (for two) and then saw it came to 90 bucks (after all the upcharges), so I backed out. Seemed like a hellavala lot for chicken - even the great @JLee’s chicken.

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2 == 4

Note: The option for 1 guest is for the whole chicken set which should feed 2 persons. If you wish to order two sets then select 2 guests (which will feed 4)


That makes sense thank you

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Wait @JLee is also part thai? I

$90? That should only be if you are ordering two chickens and tipping 20% which is entirely optional!

Sorry for the confusing wording but Tock doesn’t let me word it as per chicken but rather ordering per guest which I find annoying but I’ve yet to find out how to change that. Apologies for any confusion but know I would never charge those kind of absurd prices.


Yes my maternal grandfather was a Chinese-Thai


Cool! Thanks for the info are you planning on cooking up any more Thai dishes or are you sticking to mostly canto at PRD?

We may dabble in it but I don’t wanna stray too far from the Cantonese-diaspora, so if anything we will explore Thai-Chinese dishes and other types of Chinese inspired cuisines.