Peter Meehan Has Joined the Los Angeles Times as a Contributing Editor

Wrong Chang.

Could be wrong it’s been known to happen (often) but i don’t think so. David Chang has been talking about his time with Lucky Peach on several podcasts. Seems that is what @Nemroz is referring too. But correct me if I’m wrong

Seems to be a little changfusion here:
David Chang - Lucky Peach
Andrea Chang - LA Times


Ya David Chang is under a no shit talking contract and is very apologetic about not protecting staff. Andrea is his cousin. no I’m not serious


Wow. That’s a tough place to work.

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deputy food editor → column one editor → business reporter

I’m not sure why they don’t just fire her. If I had turned a blind eye to that kind of nonsense at my workplace, I’d be kicked to the curb.


It’ll mess with their diversity stats


maybe she’s still probably part of the “in” clique w/ kim yoshino, lucas peterson, jenn harris…


In a well-functioning workplace, I could see a middle manager mishandling complaints as grounds for termination.

But based on how conditions at LA Times had been described, I’m willing to be more charitable to anyone not holding actual power. It’s not like A. Chang or any other person was keeping some kind of secret at work, or had anywhere to direct complaints. Everybody knew how bad conditions were, and the consequences of speaking up.

I haven’t read any indication of anyone adding to Meehan’s abuse, just a bunch of people keeping their heads down (and probably sending out resumes into a collapsing market). Even the people in the “in” clique describe how scary and tenuous their situation was. I’m glad it all blew up, and I hope that everybody eventually recovers from the damage.

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