Pickled Herring in Cream Sauce

What deli/appetizer store has the best pickled herring in cream sauce?

Very good at Brent’s Deli in Northridge. (in bowl at top of photo)
Gjusta has wonderful in house pickled herring but it is not served in a cream sauce.(bottom photo)


Went to Brent’s last week for lunch and had their pickled herring in cream sauce. FEH!! If this is the best in LA, uch in vay.

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Every Russian store on Santa Monica … but i don’t know about no cream sauce… try it with russian sour cream ( more like creme fraische) sp

that IS the cream sauce that goes w/ pickled herring (it’s not a french style sauce, but eastern European or Russian).

ok cool :slight_smile: that stuff is fantastic. where we come from it’s all about boiled potato, butter, dill and onion (AND BEER) with our pickled herring.

pro-tip: buy whole pickled herring from bucket at russian places. usually better than packaged kind

while there do get yourself a whole smoked mackerel too… them oily joints is fiyurrrrr

Both sides of my family are from what is now Ukraine (it was Russia when they were forced to leave in the early 1900s). So for us, it was part of our Sunday brunch @ my grandmothers—bagels, lox, white fish, herring, eggs, maybe some borscht or schav for my dad and since we were in Boston a couple dozen Dunkin Donuts.

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Olsons, which I mentioned earlier here.

That’s great. I’m from the USSR too. My girl is going back to Kiev just in 2 weeks. aaaand i’m from Boston too :wink: I want to make a borsch this ewek in fact.

cheers, comrade

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small world! :wink:

my dad just LOVES borscht (he puts sour cream in his). I’m not a big fan of beets myself. Semi-funny childhood borscht story—I came home from school, opened up the fridge, pulled out what I thought was a jug of cranberry juice, opened it up and took a huge swig from the container only to discover way too late that it was borscht. Almost projectile-spit it out all over the kitchen. Last time I had borscht. lol


I new I was in love when she pulled out a jar of pickled herring in cream sauce from her dresser . A Norwegian :heart_eyes:

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My family has been in America since 1640 (not proud - we killed a lot of natives). I have impeccable Western European credentials; English, Irish (the black sheep of the family - came over in the potato famine), Swiss-German, German, and Swedish. Yet I have always considered myself an honorary Jew thanks to my childhood. My father was a professor, and he used to send me for Sunday brunch to Ralph’s Market. Ralph’s would fly in bagels, lox, bialies, and pastries from New York on Sunday mornings. I would walk the dog 1/2 mile, buy the Sunday Times at the Blue Front, and pick up brunch at Ralph’s. This properly belongs in the Ann Arbor post I owe @Linus, @Helper_Monkey, @secretasianman, and others but I haven’t had time to write it yet. Thanks to you and @Nemroz I can consider myself an honorary USSR expat as well. Thank you!


wow that’s practically with the pilgrims. btw—we’re more than happy to share the bagels & lox! (and I LOVE a good bialy!)

That’s it. Now I need to go get a herring. It has been too long. Tonight is herring, taters and beer night.

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Just made my first batch of bagels - for a Russian friend who was visiting. Turned out great!


those look great!! much better than most of the so-called bagels in LA

Interestingly, I never saw a bagel until moving to US. It wasn’t a thing in USSR. We did have the booblik though


I genuflect.

I am truly not worthy.

Wish I was your friend.

High praise coming from you. I have seen your cooking posts. Thank you my friend!