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He explicitly credits, quotes, and has photographs of a bunch of people from whom he got techniques, and makes no claim that his recipe is anything new.


I’ve been using one of these with good success.

What temp do you set your oven? And do you heat that crisper ahead of time? We’ve been doing with for years with our stone.

I’ll have to go back and read all of this thread. We recently got a steel and are just bowled over by it. We make our pizzas just as we always have and they come out FAR better. So it’s just the steel (and the high temp probably) that’s making the difference.

Thanks for this. Oh, and that can looks big enough for more than two small pizzas. Do you use it all or freeze whats left?

Oven at whatever temp/time instructions call for with frozen pizza. 425° and 6-7 minutes for re-heating.

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I would call our pies about medium size. 8 inches at least. I use A LOT of sauce and the can of the Bianco sauce is 15oz… so we had left overs. It’s super savory, so used it with a small side of pasta a few days later. You can CERTAINLY freeze it.

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I know this isn’t the stated topic but here was last night’s pizza. TJs dough. This pizza steel is just IT as far as we’re concerned. The vendoe did recommend 2 minutes at the end on broil and we did 1. Love it.


Does this fit here? I’ve been liking our pizza dough so much that it crossed my mind to do other things.

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Broke out the ooni for the first time this year.

Par baking the crust seems to yield better results with Trader Joe’s dough.


Maybe check out a baking steel. I’ll be using ours tonight and will take a pic.

I just reheated pizza using 3 different methods. Air fryer, toaster oven and cast iron with a lid. I still think the toaster oven is the superior method. The cast iron makes the bottom too crunchy. The air fryer does something that I can’t adequately explain but it’s not right. The toaster oven on 350 bake is the right combo of melty cheese and heated all the way through without being too crispy.


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This morning used leftover meat from another pizza, onion (Vidalia, a tiny bit of tomato and some chunks of mozzarella and made a kinda/sorta omelette. I LOVE this kind of meal.

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Not to brag or nothing but that worked out. Baked a white pie then dallops of the green and white stuff


Gorgeous . Cooked perfectly. Im not into the burnt crust trend. Nice

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NYish Sourdough pizza


Pesto and lebneh?

ricotta… home grown basil for the pesto!

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wish i could source good pepperoni

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Maybe not pepperoni, but I have found some pretty good vendors for amazing charcuterie and other cured meats that you can use as pizza toppings.

Red Bear Provisions: Red Bear Provisions (@redbearprovisions) • Instagram photos and videos (this is quite hard to get, I have only successfully gotten them from my Meat subscription box, Carnivore Club)
Giorgio’s Naturals:
Coro: Salami – Coro Foods